10 Most Famous ABAYA BRANDS IN QATAR 2023

Abaya is a long, loose-fitting, full-length robe that covers the whole body from neck to wrist. It is the traditional dress for many Arabs women and Muslim girls. It is made of linen and cotton and many other kinds of stuff. Women in Abaya with a combination of Branded Shoes in Qatar look more adorable. Most women wear abayas for the sake of ease and comfort. It is an amazing experience to shop for an abaya in Qatar. Mostly the color of the abaya is black but can be in other colors like grey, green, blue, etc.

Here we enlist the top Abaya brands in Qatar.


Al Abat Abaya brand is one of the retailer brands of Muslim women’s clothing in Qatar. They sell the abaya in different colors like black, blue, and green. Their abayas are of different styles. These styles are so elegant. They use high-quality materials for making abayas. Along with abayas, this brand offers Hijabs, scarves, kaftans, and many other accessories. The prices of Abayas are high but they offer huge discounts for those customers who buy two or three abayas. They offer home delivery, you can order abaya on their official website. It will be an amazing experience to buy abayas on AL ABAT ABAYA. They never disappoint you.


Abaya gallery is considered one of the modern brands for selling abaya. They offer abayas of different styles and designs. They offer different kinds of abayas like linen, cotton, and silk. Most women like the linen abaya. The fabrics they used are of high quality. Designs are on another level. They also offer Hijabs, Headscarves, and Qaftans. Abayas are in different colors. Most are in traditional black but some are in other colors. You can order online on their official websites. In the process of the online order, they can note your measures and understands morphology, and make abaya as you want.


Anaconda abayat is a women’s clothing brand in Qatar. They sell abayas, kaftan, hijabs, headscarves, and Muslim women’s clothing. They have a wide range of beautiful and unique abayas. They make abayas of different styles and designs. Some of their abayas have embroidery and some are simply plain. Women choose according to their taste. They also offer custom-made abayas for those who never get the perfect abaya. Their tailors are professional. Their abayas are easily affordable.


Moonlight concept is one of the famous women’s clothing and garments brands. Their abayas are unique and beautiful for all ages. It is a famous Qatari brand. The stuff of their abayas is silk, cotton, georgette, linen, and jersey.

“ look unique, feel unique”

This is the motto of this brand. It is a luxurious brand. They use high-quality fabrics. They sell different types of abayas like portrait abayas, full abayas, sheer abayas, and embroidery abayas. There are many outlets in other countries.


Almotahajiba is one of the famous abaya brands in Doha, Qatar. It is famous for women’s apparel and garments brands. They sell all types of abayas and women’s clothing. They provide a wide range of luxury abayas, jalabiyas, and sheilas. Their abayas are stylish, unique, and modest. There are many outlets of Almotahajiba in Qatar and many other countries. The price of their abayas is high. They use supreme quality fabrics which makes them unique. They also provide home delivery.


Tessuti is a women’s clothing brand. They sell abayas of different kinds. Some use headscarves with abayas and some are used without headscarves. They serve all day-wear abayas and also party-wear abayas. The designs of the abayas are so unique and sophisticated. Their abayas are for all ages, from little girls to women. Some of their abayas are simple plain black and some are full of embroidery. You can buy all types of abaya here according to your taste. They also made custom-made abayas for those who don’t get the perfect abaya. They also provide home delivery.


Sans classic abaya is the best place for shopping women’s apparel and clothing in Qatar. They sell different styles of abaya at reasonable prices. The quality of their fabrics is just amazing. They offer different colors of abayas like blue, green, grey, etc. They made custom-made abayas to fulfill your requirements. They take your measures and understand your morphology and make abaya and delivered on the appointed time. Their tailors are professional. Their staffs are friendly, helpful and professional.



Banafsaj is another famous brand that sells abayas, Shayla’s, and many other things. The specialty in their abayas is, easy to wear and carry. You feel comfortable wearing banafsaj abayas. They offer casual, all-day wear abayas and evening parties abayas. Their abayas are so elegant. They also sell scarves, perfumes, and Qaftans. Their staff is friendly and helpful. They also provide home delivery. They call you after your order for noting your measures. There are many outlets of banafsaj in Qatar.


LAURA is another women’s clothing brand. This brand was established in 1944. They sell abayas, pants, tops, dresses, and other women’s accessories. They fulfill the needs of the women. Their fabrics are of high quality. Most people love their abayas because of their supreme quality. They offer a wide range of different colors of abayas. Their style and designs are unique to others. You can any type of ready-made abaya or made on order. They provide your order at the appointed time. They never disappoint you with their collection.


Sheikha style is one of the traditional retail abaya brands in the state of Qatar. This brand was established in 2010. They set their benchmark in the fashion industry with their huge collection. Sheikha style offers the most exclusive collection of casual abayas, luxurious abayas, and khaliji abayas. The reflection of their country’s traditions and trends is seen in their collection. All collections are masterpieces. There are five outlets of sheik style in Qatar. They offer abayas of supreme quality. Their collection is loved at the international level.  

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