Best Abaya Brands in Dubai

Top 10 Best Abaya Brands in Dubai 2023

Abaya is the primary item in any hijabi woman’s closet. It is the perfect piece that can be worn any time of the day and looks stylish in various designs. Abayas are also perfect for occasions such as Ramadan and Eid, especially religious occasions. Abaya is a long, loose-fitting, full-length robe that covers the whole body from neck to wrist. It is the traditional dress for many Arabs women and muslin girls. It is made of linen and cotton and many other kinds of stuff. Most women wear abayas in the seek of simplicity and solace. Mostly the color of the abaya is black but can be in different colors like grey, green, blue, etc.

Here we enlisted the top Best Abaya Brands in Dubai


Mauzan is recognized as one of the largest luxury fashion brands in the Middle East. Founded in 1990 by designer Rafia Helal Bin Drai, she offers a wide range of classic chic abayas, kaftans, headscarves, and Sheila’s with a modern twist. Their boutiques are also present in Abu Dhabi and Alain. They sell the abayas in different colors such as black, blue, and green. Their abayas are of different styles. These styles are so graceful and modish. The prices of Abayas are high, but they offer huge discounts for those who buy two or three abayas.


Emirati fashion house Hessa Falasi is one of the most popular Abaya brands in the GCC region. They specialize in understated hijabis and non-hijabis fashion, where you can find abaya and caftan designs at any time of the day, from morning to evening. Hessa Falasi decided to experiment with different fabrics in her designs. Because of the focus, you’re almost certain to find something you’ll love. This brand never disappoints its customers. The fabrics they used are of high quality. They also offer hijabs and headscarves in different colors.

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Another Abaya brand that is very well known among Arabs is ‘Effa’, founded in 2007 by Effa AL Dabbagh. Effa fashion always has the latest mix of classic and modern abayas and offers abayas in many colors and jalabiyas for home use. They provide different Abayas collections in different colors and different styles. You can order online on their official website. They never upset their customers. It will be an amazing and astounding experience to buy abayas from Effa Fashion.


If you’re looking for a unique abaya with a quirky vibe, look no further than The Esthetic Brand. This brand gives you the most stylish and elegant abayas and headscarves in different colors. Their abayas are different and stunning in their styles and designs. Esthetics is your go-to with its creative designs and modern touches. Some of these brand abayas are embroidered and some are simple and beautiful. Their abayas are very affordable for all types of women. They also offer custom-made abayas for those who never get the perfect abayas.


Based in Dubai, NAFS Designs is another Emirati abaya brand for everyday needs. Their designs are very simple, focusing on cut and color rather than prints and embroidery. Some of our favorite abaya styles we’ve seen from them are layered ruffles and pleated abaya. Their abayas are unique and beautiful for all ages. It is a famous Emirati brand. The prices of their elegant abayas are very reasonable for all classes of people. The stuff of their abayas is silk, georgette, cotton, linen, and jersey. It is the luxurious brand of Dubai. They use high-quality fabric for their abayas.



The classic abaya is a staple for all Khaleeji women. As such, this is the focus of Arabesque abaya designs. With its beautiful and elegant designs, it attracts many women. The chief designer is from France! Since launching the Emirates brand in 2001, Judith Duriez has understood and served the needs of Arab women to perfection. They delivered their abayas all over the world. Their abayas fabric is so comfortable for all ages of women. Their prices are so reasonable. They have many different styles and colored abayas.


The minimalist abaya is the approach taken by Slouchyz designer Maryam Al Selaich when she founded the brand. Despite being a new brand, it has established itself as one of the UAE’s top abaya brands. Her focus is on open abayas that are simple, practical, and stylish. They never upset their clients. Their abayas material is so good for wear. Their abayas designs are so unique and sophisticated. Their abayas are for all ages, from little girls to old women.


Luxury is the world to think about when it comes to Feryal AlBastaki abayas. She creates abayas that are typically neutral tones yet combine elements of both modern and classic styles. Their abayas are elegant, embroidered caftan that’s perfect for special occasions. Feryal AlBastaki also makes children’s clothing in oriental and khaleeji styles. The quality of their abayas is just amazing. They offer different colors of abayas like blue, grey, and black. They made custom-made abayas to fulfill your requirements.

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Two sisters, Fatima, and Shayma Al Suwaidi founded the Bedazzled Boutique in 2010 and since then have consistently created abayas and hijabi dresses that look modern and trendy while staying true to their simple nature. They love working with different colors and embroidery. The specialty in their abayas is, easy to wear and carry. You feel comfortable to wear Bedazzled Boutique abayas. They also provide home delivery. They call you after your order for nothing your measures. They fulfill the needs of women.


Soha MT Collection is a new label but in my opinion one of the brands to watch. As hijabi Arab women understand their needs and ensure that they are met with their designs. She designs abayas, kaftan dresses, and modest for her wear and has been featured by many of her fashion bloggers. They never disappoint you. They provide your order at the appointed time. Their abayas are of supreme quality.

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