Best Law Universities in Pakistan 2020

LLB is the best choice for Arts students after graduation that helps to lighten your social status in the country. LLB is a three-year undergraduate degree in law after intermediate. In Pakistan BA-LLB also offered in law Universities of Pakistan. You can also choose a field of the magistrate, civil judge, additional session judge, judge of special courts, public prosecutor. You can help people to get justice and make the law empowered. It is a 5-year program to get a degree in LLB. After getting an LLB degree during practice as a lawyer you can also apply for the posts of civil judge and magistrate. Courts of Pakistan offer law graduates with the practice of 3 to 5 years for Judicial Assistant [BPS-17/BPS-16] and Judicial Magistrate cum Civil Judge [BPS-18]. Here we are sharing the list of best Universities providing law education with the best of our knowledge.

University Of Punjab


Punjab University is the top best university in Pakistan producing young educators in Pakistan. It was established in 1882. It is ranked as the no 1 University of Pakistan and on 2nd no according to HEC general rank. It is affiliated with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Pakistan Engineering Council, Pharmacy Council of Pakistan, Pakistan Bar Council, and Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planners.

It offers the best education in the law field in

LL.B (3 years)

BA/LL.B (5 years)

LL.M (2 years)

Ph.D. in Law & Human Rights (1 year)

And the 1-year diploma in the following categories

Taxation Law

Labour Laws

Intellectual Property Law

Environmental Law

International Trade Law

Banking Law

Corporate Law Practice

University of Management and Technology, Lahore (UMT)


UMT is one of Pakistan’s top-ranked universities ranked in Asia’s top 500 best Universities. UMT was founded in 1990. It is affiliated by HEC, PEC, and Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. It also offers Law education with well-educated and experienced staff. Its faculty of law called a school of law and Policy.

It offers law education in


LLM in Commercial Law.

Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan


Bahauddin Zakria University is the largest university in South Punjab located in Multan. It is a degree awarding institute in more than 60 subjects including Medical, Engineering, Law, Humanities and Business Administration. It was established in 1975 by the name of Multan, its name was changed to Bahauddin Zakariya University in 1979 to pay homage to the Great Saint. It offers education in Law in

B.A/LL.B. (Hons. 5 years)

LL.B (3 years after bachelors)

LL.M General (2 years)

Bahria University, Islamabad


Bahria University was established in 2000 by Pakistan Navy and become the leading learning institution of Pakistan. It is contributing well to the development of the nation through excellence in education and research. It is a semi-government Public University of Pakistan ranked on 11th in the country providing quality education and environment to shape the souls of students. It is affiliated with     HEC, PEC, ACU, NCEAC, and PMDC.

It offers the following education in the law section

LLB (Bachelor of Law)

LLM (Master of law)

Ph.D. (international and Maritimes law)

Government College University, Faisalabad (GC University)


It was the first time established in 1897 as a government college after its high fame progress it was upgraded in 2002 as a Government College and University Faisalabad. It is ranked 21 in national rank. They are providing an enabling environment for their students where dialogue is stimulated and new ideas proposed.

 It offering law education in

 LL.B (5 years)

LL.B (3 years after Bachelor)

LL.M (2 years)

Sargodha University, Sargodha


The University of Sargodha is ranked 18 according to the general rank of HEC. It was credited with the name of the University in 2002. It is affiliated with HEC (Pakistan), Pakistan Engineering Council, Pakistan Bar Council, Pharmacy Council of Pakistan. It also offers law education many law colleges from all over Pakistan affiliated with this University.

It offered a program in Law

BA/LL.B (5 years)

LL.B (3 years)

Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore (LUMS)


LUMS is one of the best |University of Management Sciences. It was established in 1984. According to the general rank of HEC, it is on the 6th number and in national rank, it is on 2nd no. LUMS is an independent research university located in Lahore. It is affiliated with HEC (Pakistan), Pakistan Engineering Council, Pakistan Bar Council and Association of Commonwealth Universities.

It offers law education in

BA-LL.B Hon. (5 years)

Islamia University, Bahawalpur



It was established first as a religious university in 1925 with the name Jamia Abbasia. In 1975 it was declared as a general university and renamed as The Islamia University of Bahawalpur. It is ranked as 11th according to the general ranking of HEC. It is on 17 no according to a national ranking of Universities. It is affiliated with HEC, Pakistan Engineering Council, Pharmacy Council of Pakistan, Pakistan Bar Council, and National Council for Homeopathy, National Council for Tibb

It offers law education in

LL.B (3 years) after a bachelor’s degree

LL.M (2 years)

Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad


It was established on July 22, 1967, and is No 1 University according to the latest general ranking of Universities by HEC. In the national rank of universities, it is on 7th no. It also has a department of law separately named as a school of Law. It only gives admissions on merit base with very high competition. It is affiliated with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC).

It offers law education in

BA/LL.B (5 years)

International Islamic University, Islamabad


It was established in 1980 and restructured in 1985 and ranked as 13th according to the general rank of HEC and 10th according to a national ranking of Universities. It is affiliated by Higher Education Commission (Pakistan), Pakistan Engineering Council, Pakistan Bar Council. It also provides hostel facilities to its students for this purpose it has seven hostels for women and six for men. This University is best for law education. It offers many programs in the law field.

It offers law education in

B.A. LL.B Sharia & Law (6 years)

LL.B (3 years)

LL.M Corporate Law (2 years)

LL.M International Trade Law (2 years)

LL.M International Law (2 years)

LL.M. General (2 years)

LL.M. Human Rights Law (2 years)

MS Human Rights (2 years)

MS / LL.M Islamic Commercial Law (2 years)

MS / LL.M. Muslim Family Law (2 years)

Ph.D. Sharia: Islamic Law and Jurisprudence (3 years)

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