Best Places to Visit in Islamabad 2020

Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan) is the very beautiful neat and clean city of Pakistan. It is well developed, rich green and the modern city also considered as the second most beautiful Capital of Pakistan. Recently European countries announced that Pakistan is one of the best countries for tourists and now they can come to Pakistan to enjoy the beauty of Pakistan without any fear. Islamabad is the safest city for international tourists. Islamabad is the 9th largest city positioned in the federal Islamabad Capital Territory. It is at a height of 518 meters from the surface of the ocean. It is mountainous city beautiful mountains enhance the beauty of this city. People from plain areas come to visit here because the climate is cool due to its height. There are many visiting places in this city that includes Lok Virsa Museum, Faisal Mosque, Saidpur Village, Margalla hills, Daman-e-Koh Park, Rawal Lake, and Shakarparian, etc.

The Pakistan Monument

It is a national monument and heritage museum famous by name of Shakarparian designed as a petal closed flower that shows the unity of Pakistani people. It is present in the center of beautiful forest-covered hills. It attracts many visitors from all over the country. Rawal Lake near it gives a beautiful precious view. Its four petals represent the four provinces of Pakistan. It is a popular tourist destination you never forget while planning to visit Islamabad city.

Rawal Lake

Rawal Lake is a beautiful natural place to visit it is the part of Korong river. The beautiful lake gives natural delightful seen. You can also ride in speedboats at this lake that gives you more delight with the scenery around it. You can go with your loved ones to this place for the sidewalk and also the best picnic place for families. The best time to visit here is one or two hours before sunset at this time lake view is absolutely mind-blowing.

Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque is the greatest mosque of Pakistan designed by Turkish architecture. It is spread over the surface area of 5000 square meters. It can accommodate over 250,000 worshipers on its grounds at one time. It has four towering spires on each corner of the mosque. Its shape like leave Bedouin’s tent with four minarets make it unique throughout the world. If you are visiting or planning to visit Islamabad you have a great opportunity to visit here.

Saidpur Village

It is another beautiful and unique place of Islamabad to visit. It is present in lower regions of the Margalla Mountain range. It presents a mashup of traditional and modern culture. Many cafes and restaurants present here from which Des Pardes and DeraPakhtoon are most famous. Playing classical music makes the environment more attractive. You must have to visit this place while planning for a tour of Islamabad.


It is a famous point to visit in Islamabad. Daman-e-Koh is the top garden present in the middle of the Margalla Hills in Islamabad. This point is 2400 feet above from sea level and 500 feet from Islamabad’s main city. Now, this point is well developed with necessary facilities like car parking, restaurants, and special electric-powered cars to access between northern and southern spots. You can see hundreds of monkeys here.


It is another famous place of Islamabad to visit which consists of a hill station and a local park. It is present near-zero points in Islamabad. It consists of a large ground used for the parade on 23rd march each year. Rawal Lake can be seen by the slope of Shakar Parian hills. If you are planning to visit Islamabad don’t miss this place to visit.

Pakistan Museum of Natural History

It is a public natural history museum present in Islamabad near Shakar Parian. It was established in 1976. This Natural History Museum gives most of the info about the geology, ecology, and paleontology of Pakistan. It is also a research Centre and managed by Pakistan Science Foundation under the Ministry of Science Pakistan. Most of the visitors must visit this point because of getting the best knowledge about their beloved country. It is also the best visiting point for students. It opens for the public daily from 10 am to 5 pm except for Friday.

Centaurus Mall

The Centaurus Mall is the real estate development of Islamabad city constructed in 2011 and opened in 2013. This beautiful building consists of a 36-floor hotel from which five-story used as a shopping mall and other floors for residential and office towers. This beautiful building designed by British architectural firm WS Atkins. Many universal brands and first-class Pakistani brands are available in this mall. If you are also wishing to shop and seeking for best must visit here.

Islamabad Zoo

Islamabad zoo previously known as Marghazar Zoo is a very big and beautiful zoo opened in 1978. It is located at Pir Peshawar Road. Here you can see hundreds of species in this zoo. If you are willing to take your child at an interesting place this option is best. This zoo has a neat and clean environment present in 82-acre of land. Every year millions of people come to visit here.

Lok Virsa Museum

It is also known as the National Institute of Folk & Traditional Heritage located in Shakar Parian hills in Islamabad. It was opened in1974 present in the area of 60,000 sq. ft. can accommodate up to 3000 visitors at one time. The timing of the visit is 10:00 am to 7:00 pm while Monday is off. It represents the complete heritage of the people of Pakistan. Pakistan National Museum of Ethnology, Sufis and Shrines Hall, Pakistan Monument Museum, Lok Virsa Library, Virsa Research & Publication Centre and Virsa Media Centre all present here.

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