Top 10 Best Places to visit in Lahore 2020

Lahore is the most famous city in Pakistan and a worth visiting place. It is the capital of the province Punjab  16th most populous city of the world. Lahore is Well-known as the city of gardens, earliest buildings and mosques that are most representative of Muslim culture. It is also considered as Pakistan’s most developed city with a modern set-up. It is an economic, political, entertainment, and educational hub of Pakistan. Here is the list of top visiting points of Lahore that you can visit with your family and friends. If you have never visited Lahore and planning for it, you must visit the following places to experience the essence of Lahore. This list includes all modern as well as historic places of Lahore.

Badshahi Mosque

Badshahi Mosque one of the historic place also known as the Imperial Mosque. It was created within the period of 1671-1673 by Aurangzeb, the sixth Mughal Emperor. It is a good place to visit from historical perception. It is Pakistan’s second-largest mosque, after the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad and the fifth-largest mosque worldwide. It is a major tourist attraction symbolizing the beauty and glory of the Mughal era. This mosque is capable of accommodating over 55,000 worshippers. Its design is closely related to the Jamiya Masjid in Delhi, India. A small museum has been added to mosque complex recently, which contains remnants of Muhammad (SAW) and of His family.

Grand Jamia Mosque

It is located in Bahria Town, Lahore. It is one of the best places to visit from an Islamic perspective. It is the 3rd largest mosque in Pakistan and the 7th largest mosque of the world. This mosque was built in 2014, and a beautiful combination of modern architectural style. Grand Jamia Mosque is a proud identity of Lahore which symbolizes Pakistan throughout the Islamic World. It is Pakistan’s Largest Indoor Praying Facility with 25,000 people.

Wazir Khan Mosque

Wazir Khan Mosque was developed from 1634–1635 by Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan. It was named after the then-governor of Lahore Wazir Khan. The Wazir Khan Mosque is an amazing piece of artwork that is appreciated throughout the world. This mosque is famous for its widespread quality tile work. Well-known as a “Mole on the cheek of Lahore” and worth visiting place to see Indo-Islamic architecture. The most distinguishing feature of the architecture of the Wazir Khan Mosque is its Minarets at its 4 corners.

Data Darbaar – Ali Hajvery’s Tomb

Data Darbaar is located in the city of Lahore, Pakistan is the largest Sufi shrine of South Asia. It is the shrine of Sufi saint Hazrat Ali Hajvery (R.A.). Being one of the ancient Muslim shrines, all Muslims and non-Muslims can come to visit it for the sake of blessings. Hazrat Ali Hajvery (R.A.) is said to be lived on the site in the 11th century. You should visit this place also because it is considered to be the most sacred place and attracts millions of visitors to its annual Urs festival.

Shalimar Bagh

Shalimar Gardens, famously known as the ‘Shalamar Gardens’ is another historical attraction in Lahore with the spirit of the Mughal period. It was constructed in 1641 during Shah Jehan’s sovereignty. It is located on the GT road, at a distance of 5KM from the city center of Lahore on the northern side. It is one of the top tourist attractions in the city which has historic significance. These Gardens have 410 fountains, many buildings, rotundas, and halls. This beautiful garden will surely refresh your mind with the beauty of nature.

Lahore Fort

Lahore Fort is also known as Shahi Qila is located in the north-western corner of Lahore. It was constructed 1556-1605 by Akbar who was Mughal Emperor. Lahore Fort is enlisted as a World Heritage Site in 1981 by UNESCO. The fort mostly demonstrates the rich traditions of Mughal architecture. Some of the famous sites inside the fort include Alamgiri Gate, Naulakha Pavilion, Khilwat Khana (Place of Isolation), Shish Mahal (Palace of Mirrors) and Moti Masjid (pearl mosque). The entrance to Lahore Fort for public and tourists nowadays is through Hathi Gate.

Lahore Museum

It was established in 1865 and incorporates many worth watching historical things. It is obviously a worthy place to visit especially for history students. It is the biggest Museum in Pakistan. Its current building was designed by the well-known architect Sir Ganga Ram. The Museum contains samples of Mughal and Sikh handwork and a large number of paintings of their periods of rule.

Lahore Zoo

It is surely one of the best visiting points, especially for children. It was established in 1872, Lahore Zoo is one of the largest zoos of South Asia and is thought to be the fourth oldest zoo in the world also. It has a collection of 1380 animals of about 136 different species. Instruction boards and signboards are placed around the zoo for the help of children’s education. The zoo also has a mosque in it for Muslim prayers.


It is located in Iqbal Park, nearby Badshahi Masjid. Minar-e-Pakistan was constructed in 1960-1968. It has great historical importance in the foundation of Pakistan. It’s a place to visit for you to make your children familiar with the possessions of their country. The tower was constructed on the same site where the All-India Muslim League passed the Lahore Resolution on 23 March 1940.

Wagah Border

Wagah is a village that is situated in Lahore, Pakistan and which also serves as transport station between Pakistan and India. Daily Hundreds of people attend this flag ceremony held at the Pak-Indian border in Wagah Village in the everyday evening. If you interested to appreciate the parade of Pakistani and Indian army must go on this point.

Lahore Safari (wildlife) Park:

This park was established in 1981 with over 242 acres of land. It is the best place in Pakistan to see wildlife from very near. Species present in this park include Indian peafowl, lion, Bengal tiger, and many others. Boating and fishing facilities are also available near this park. Recently it has been renamed as Lahore Safari Zoo and is now considered as an extension of Lahore Zoo. This is a great place for those who want to see wildlife from near.

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