Best Places to Visit in Murree 2020

Murree is the mountain resort and beautiful hill station in Pakistan. Murree’s name was decided due to an English lady who appreciated the beauty of Murree and decided to give order make roads on the mountain so people can easily travel on their cars or busses to enjoy the natural beauty of the country.   It is present at a height of 7,517.1 ft. and included in the Rawalpindi district. The total population of this beautiful hill station is 1900 which in the summer season increases up to 10,000. The climate of this city is cold and snowy in winter and relatively cool in the summer season. Many leopards present in this city and monkeys in Ayubiya especially. There is no industry or mill present in this city but very special and famous due to its natural beauty. You can see here high mountainous natural views, flowing springs and a lot of greenery that covered the high mountains. If you are planning to spend the summer season in a cool and beautiful place or planning to make 2-3 days tour in winter to see snow falling you must go there. Here we will share with you the points in Murree you must have to visit while planning for Murree tour.


Patriyata is also known as by the name New Murree present at the distance of 15 kilometers in south-east of Murree hills. It is the highest point of this hilly area at the height of 7,500 feet from sea level. It is one of the best tourist locations as the climate here is much cooler. Chair lift ride gives beautiful views of the whole area and goes to the highest point of that area where you can take pictures and many small restaurants also present here. All hills covered with forests you can see here monkeys and leopards.


Ayubia National Park was established in 1984 after named Ayubia. It is located in Abbottabad District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It is named by the second president of Pakistan Muhammad Ayub Khan. It is present at the height of 8,000 feet from sea level. It is the point you can visit during the tour of Murree present at a distance of 26 kilometers from Murree. The climate of this area is mostly cold in the summers, but harsh in the winters when all the hills and trees fully covered with snow. Average Temperature range of this area is 3 °C – 11 °C.

Mall Road

Murree’s Mall Road is a famous road many shops and restaurants present there. It is a huge populated road of Murree in fact during summer it would be gridlock for traffic due to a huge population of people. Most of the hotels in Murree present near Mall Road. A tourist walks on this road and makes shopping to remember their coming to Murree. It is a best-crowded shopping place from where you can shop unique jewelry, shawls, handbags and decoration pieces from here. Walk on this highly crowded and hilly road gives a lot of enjoyment in both summer and winter nights.

Kashmir Point

It is a beautiful scenic viewpoint present in Murree, Pakistan. From this place, you can see the beautiful views of Kashmir Mountains that’s why named Kashmir point. It is present at a distance of about 1km from GPO. Many food courts and shopping places also present here. It is present within walking distance from the mall road. You will see the rush of people here who come from the mall road. You also come here to enjoy beautiful views of delicious refreshments.

Pindi Point

It is a mountainous view resort place present in Murree. You can see the view of the whole city view that’s why named it as the Pindi point. It is present at a distance of 20 minutes’ walk from the Mall road and this zigzag walking area is fully covered with tall pine trees. Here you will see lush green trees on mountains and forests. Playgrounds for children and café also present here. Horse ride and chair lift are the famous entertainments of this city. While visiting this point never miss these entertainments.

SOZO Adventure Park Murree

I was established in 2003 and is the one and only of its kind park situated in the Lower Topa, Murree. Recently many changings were made here. It is spread over an area of 15 acres based on a jungle theme. You will get a lot of enjoyments here including Natural beauty, awesome weather, summer resort, exciting and thrilling rides for kids. It is such an exciting place especially for families on the summer tour of Murree. I hope you will enjoy there.

Nathiya Gali

It is a beautiful hill station in Abbottabad District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa located at the center of the Galyat range at a 1-hour drive from Murree. The weather of this place always remains pleasant, cool and foggy. This point is present at a height of 7910 ft. from sea level. You will see here bundles of pine, cedar, oak, walnut and maple trees on mountains. Many Hotels and Rest houses equipped with basic facilities also available for tourists which becomes more costly in the summer season. It has a mini bazaar where you can shop unique style jewelry and shawls.

Murree Bhurban

It is a small beautiful hill station present between Murree and Kashmir Road and 9 kilometers away from Murree city. It is also included in the Rawalpindi district of Punjab. It is 6000 ft. above from sea level. Tourists can see here a number of species of flora and fauna. It has a wide range of facilities for tourists including ‘5 stars’ Pearl Continental Hotel also present here. Bhurban Hill Apartments also available here located at the distance of 2 km from PC Bhurban. Ayubiya National park is present near it.

Ghora Gali

It is another is tourist mountain resort town of Pakistan present in Murree Tehsil. It has 1,100 m long chairlift goes from Ghora Gali to Pindi Point. Its total population calculated in 1998 was 14410. It gives a beautiful scenic view all around it with lush green trees. Many hotels and resorts also present here for tourists with all the facilities. Hope you will enjoy going there while visiting Murree.

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