Birthday theme 1-year baby boy 2022

Yeah! Your baby is just going to become one year old and you are very excited to celebrate. It’s a time to celebrate the birthday of your child because when he comes into your life, your life brings happiness and colors. Baby’s amazing mischiefs entertain you all the time and your life is full of love and happiness. You want to do maximum for your child for its little smile. You want to celebrate your baby’s every step in life.  

“Being a mama can be tough, but always remember in the eyes of your child, no one does it better than you.” Mothers’ love is the love that can never be less for their child. Mum’s duty is very tired to look after her child from newborn to few years. Moms become very conscious of the dressing of their children on this day because she wants his baby’s wonderful looking on baby’s special day.

If you are going to plan your baby’s first birthday hope this article will help you a lot. Managing the function is a big task. It should be according to your budget and depends on you if you want a big gathering and invite your relative friends to become a part of your happiness.

 Here are a lot of themes which you can choose according to your choice. These themes will help you to organize functions according to the theme. You have to choose an exciting background and decorated table, especially dress up your birthday boy and a yummy cake according to the theme.

Blue and White Birthday Theme

The above-mentioned, blue and white theme is the choice of most of the parents. No doubt it is a very nice theme, especially if going to celebrate the 1st birthday of your baby boy. Decorate the background as mentioned above in the image with blue and white balloons in a round manner. Other things like table alphabets use in white color. cake with the same theme of blue and white and dress up your baby according to the theme mentioned in the above image. these all decorations will make your function extra ordinary.

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Golden Birthday Theme

Here is a golden theme for the first birthday of your baby boy. A beautiful golden background looking very attractive. Throughout golden balloons used for background decoration. A pack of golden birthday alphabets balloons used in the center and clusters of light and dark golden balloons filled with the pump. An exciting golden cake makes this event theme most beautiful. The last step is to dress up your child given in the image will be good according to theme white shirt with golden or skin pent plus bow and galus make your child looking outclass.

Funky Colors Birthday Theme

The above three mentioned images are for those who want to decorate their baby’s birthday in funky colors. No doubt bright colors for a baby boy’s birthday are a good choice all the time. First if discuss the background theme it has been decorated with bright colored balloons including green, yellow, blue, red with a small touch of gold. Choice of color depends on you. According to the theme animals, pictures, and animal shape balloon can make it more lovely. Now if we discuss how to dress up your baby. Like in the above-mentioned image funky colors make your child charming in the evening if organize the function at an open place.

Silver Birthday Theme

Here is the very unique silver theme for birthdays. you can decorate the back wall with white and silver balloons. Different sizes and styles of same-colored balloons give an outstanding view. you can also add black color to the theme. Like star-shaped balloon round and oval balloons. Also, dress up your child with grey and white color according to the theme. cake with black silver color attracts more.

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Micky mouse Birthday Theme

Very attractive and cool theme mentioned in above images. If your baby likes the Micky mouse cartoon or you like it for your baby choose it for your baby’s birthday. The red and yellow colors of the mickey mouse give a very colorful view. In the first image, you can see the beautiful background. You required Red, white, golden, and black balloons to decore. mickey mouse cake is easily available in a cake shop from where you can get it and can also order online. In the end, if we talk about the dressing of a baby whose birthday is going to celebrate, it should be according to micky mouse theme as in the image.

Points Keep in Mind:

  • First, you have to make a budget, so it will be very easy to manage the whole function within your budget. It depends on you if you are inviting all family friends and families to become part of your happiness on the celebration of your child.
  • You have to make a list of guests you want to invite to a birthday party and decide the refreshment list for the guests.
  • You required to have a beautiful background and a beautiful cake according to your selected theme. Balloons must be part of the birthday.
  • Dress up your baby which should be very special because it is the memorable function ever for your child. So try to make him extraordinary.
  • One important thing you must have to remember which photography is. You must have to hire a professional photographer to capture these memorable moments in the photographs. Make a special photoshoot of the birthday boy.