Top 10 Blazer Brands for Men in India 2023

Blazer is considered formal or semi-formal jackets commonly used to wear as formal dress around the world. Most people like the traditional style. Without a blazer, your wardrobe can’t be completed. They make you look smarter and slimmer. If you want classy looks without wearing suits, then blazers are the best option for you try one from the top Blazer Brands for Men in India. A blazer makes for a classy style statement. Top quality pair of shoes also must for complete get up you must have a look on Top 10 shoe Brands in India. If you are looking for the best blazer brand in India then we have got you right here. Here you will get the list of Top Famous and highly demanding Blazer Brands for Men in India that obviously you will like to shop from these.


Blazer Brands for Men in India

Raymonds was established in 1925 since then it has been among famous brands in India. Their blazers have great finesse and are matchless in terms of design, style, and pattern. It is a smart formal fashion brand for men. Their collections of blazers are single-breasted blazers, double-breasted blazers, and casual blazers. Their main objective was to build a clothing company that would become everyone’s first option. They achieved this objective by providing the best quality at reasonable prices. They make their blazers in almost every popular color.

Raymonds are the most preferred blazer brand in India. Their blazers are suitable for all occasions that depend on your choice.



This brand was established in 1990. It is the best blazer and jacket brand in India for both men and women. Van Heusen blazers have luxurious ends. Their quality is amazing and has good texture fabric and they keep focusing on quality throughout their brand. They offer single and double-breasted blazers, slim-fit blazers, and striped and checked blazers, you can find it all under one roof. This brand is popular in the Indian market for elegant designs and is easily available in online stores. It collaborates with Madura Fashion Company.


Louis Philippe has been part of the fashion industry since 1989 and this brand is owned by Madura fashion and Lifestyle. Louis Philippe offers a range of formal, semi-formal, and custom-made clothing including a huge variety of blazers. If you are a brand-conscious man then Louis Philippe Blazers would not disappoint you for sure. Their quality is supreme, soft, and easy to wear. Their blazers are available at a wide range of affordable prices. It started from 7900 to 14800 depending on the style.


Vintage is a famous fashion brand that focuses on modern classics. They offer classic and elegant designs for both casual and formal wear. Their fabrics are all of high quality, so whatever you pick, would be the best.

Vintage blazers are handmade blazers in India. All of their blazers come in a variety of styles and are available in different sizes so it is perfect for any body type. They are also available in a variety of colors and patterns so you can easily select the best one for you. These blazers give you a graceful look for any occasion. Their price range starts from 1899 onwards.


Arvin has been the pioneer in bringing international brands to India this brand was first brought to India in the year of 1993. Suman saha is the CEO of this brand. This is one of the most trusted apparel brands in India. This fashion brand proposes comprehensive styles in modern ethnic, blazers, and western wear for both men and women. This brand offers a wide range of different varieties for all seasons and occasions. Their blazers are designed in different styles to fulfill a customer’s expectations. They offer tweed blazers, printed blazers, solid blazers, and checked slim-fit blazers. Their business is expanded with 90 outlets in many cities in India.


Blackberry is an Indian clothing brand owned by Mohan clothing. It was established in 1991. This brand provides stylish blazers uniquely and innovatively. It produces the most decorous and graceful blazers for professionals. Blackberry serves all ages with distinctive styles for both genders. The best features of their blazers are comfortable to wear, stylish, and affordable. You can easily find their blazers in online stores.

They are popular and always in demand. Their prices start from 8900 to 16,600. This brand focuses on trends and modern traits.


This brand was established in the 1980s. It has been in the fashion wear business for 42 years. This is the best menswear brand in India. This brand made perfect formal blazers for meetings, presentations, conferences, and interviews. The best thing about their blazers is the soft lining, and formal wear, and mostly are lightweight, so you can easily carry them.

Their blazers are something they are very well known for good reason. They produce the most elegant and classical blazers, especially for office and party wear, and are made from cotton and polyester. They have preceding cuts and color options that help everyone get a blazer with supreme quality. Their prices range from 17700 to 27000 depending on the type of blazer.


Jack and Jones are one of the popular fashion brands in India. This brand entered India in 2008. This is one of the most luxurious and trusted brands for men. A person who likes to wear graceful blazers with clear cuts and great quality, jack and Jones are one of the best options for you. This brand produces the most fashionable blazers and the most loveable brand among men. Their fabrics are very smooth and comfortable to wear, so whatever you pick, you would like it. Their prices are easily affordable and start from 2220 onwards.

“La’ Scoot

“La’ Scoot Launched by Mr. J C Singla famous for men’s wear. The company launched in 1967 and went up from 50+ years of working. They offer all kinds of blazers like single-breasted blazers, double-breasted blazers, and slim-fit blazers. Their blazers have the best quality to grab your attention and are perfect for both work and social occasions. They also create an enduring style for the modern generation. The quality polyester material makes it durable for long hours on the job. They have different styles of blazers with different cuts, fittings, designs, and colors. They mostly offer clothes of unparalleled quality. They offer their men exclusive collections all over India with 2500 retailers, wholesalers, and distributors on board.


Allen Solly blazers are crafted with cotton and polyester material, providing an elegant look. Their products are available in a variety of colors and styles. Their blazers have different features and unique designs and use different types of fabrics. Their blazers are a versatile piece of outwear that everyone can wear as a blazer or a coat. Their blazers come in a variety of cuts, shapes, and patterns. Their price range is starting from 2999 to onwards.


When you buy blazers, ensure you buy the one with the right fitting and style.No matter what kind of blazers you want, you will get graceful blazers in the above-mentioned brands according to your taste.


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