TOP 10 Cheap Clothing Brands in America 2023

People usually associate the term “affordable” with the word “cheap,” and they become ecstatic at the thought of a good deal. But, I want to claim that affordable and inexpensive are fundamentally unrelated concepts. One of the three fundamental requirements is clothing, and an enormous business has grown up around them. Unbelievably, the average American household spent $1,700 on clothing, shoes, and other goods. The top American clothing companies employ organic or recycled materials to provide cozy, budget-friendly, and environment-friendly fashion products close to where you live, so you may look attractive while feeling positive. If you want to buy affordable clothes then carefully read my article.


Since: 2018

Price Range: $30 to $500

Category: Apparel, Accessories, Home Goods

Made Trade is a Fair Trade company that produces products for the contemporary wardrobe and home in a sustainable and morally upright manner. It provides Fair Trade clothing, accessories, and shoes for both men and women. The brand sells trendy, timeless jackets, sweatshirts, skirts, sweaters, and other basics for your wardrobe produced from natural and sustainable fabrics. They actively promote a shift to organic farming methods and work closely with cotton producers to guarantee that they are receiving a fair price. 

Made Trade upholds ethical trade principles that benefit both local craftsmen and Earth’s natural resources. It aims to uphold better moral standards in the interest of making the globe a more lovely place.


Since: 2010

Price Range: 40$-200$

Category: tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and accessories

A California-based company called Grocery Apparel creates eco-friendly loungewear and sportswear. They use natural materials that can be recycled including organic cotton, hemp, lyocell, and recycled plastic. The clothing from this company feels wonderful, which is amazing. Cotton is not only incredibly soft, but it is also permeable. You will experience a fit and feel unlike anything other since every piece is made with quality in mind. They provide some essential products like fashionable and reasonably priced sweaters and traditional tees.

HARVEST & MILL (Organic Clothing)

Since: 2012

Price Range: 10$-200$

Category: Pants, Shirts, and accessories

A line of daywear and nightwear called Harvest & Mill is created from USA-grown. It creates high-end sweatshirts and nightshirts for both men and women who enjoy sleeping in relaxed, eco-friendly clothing. In the meanwhile, they draw in a much wider range of clients, such as families and senior citizens.

Their stores are owned by the Old Navy, and the Banana Republic. They receive about 20 million visitors a year attracted by their high-quality stuff that follows the season’s fashion trends. You might want to start there if you’re seeking inexpensive clothes retailers. Harvest & Mill uses only biodegradable materials, including paper packaging.


Since: 2013

Price Range: 25$-200$

Category: Leggings, shorts, tops, jackets, and accessories

Another stylish retailer features lovely pieces that may be worn almost everywhere! Sunglasses, a belt, and a hat are included. Outdoor Voices has a wide selection of cheap clothing and accessories. It is a business that focuses on activewear. They aim to encourage individuals to engage in physical activity outside. 

They are motivated to locate durable textiles that can withstand the most strenuous workout. The items are long-lasting, reasonably priced, fashionable, and will encourage you to work out. You truly have no more justification. You can find high-quality apparel if you look.

ABLE Clothing

Since: 2010

Price Range: 50$-300$

Category: Clothing, Shoes, Bags, and Accessories

While purchasing from Able may not be the answer to that issue, it is a fantastic place to start. The company strives to live in a society where everyone can support themselves and has an emphasis on providing economic opportunities to everyone. The good news is that they consistently offer fashionable items on sale. You may frequently discover 50% off your second purchase of casual clothing from well-known brands and designs here.

Able Brand produces its incredible variety by paying women from all around the world a fair salary. By putting an emphasis on quality and elegance, the ethical company empowers and employs women.


Since: 2010

Price range: 20$-300$

Category: Dresses, Top, Bodysuits, Leggings & Accessories

The sustainable fashion brand Arielle, which is based in New York City, is dedicated to using zero-waste, fair-trade, locally produced, and organic textiles. Although relatively inexpensive, their accessories and clothing follow the most recent fashion! And although it is often tougher to find, you will without a certain find whatever you want in your size here.

Arielle employs recycled polyester to provide long-lasting,  breathable, and comfortable clothes. By promoting the local economy and cutting back on financing for unethical employment. Arielle maintains a positive connection with those who create its clothing.


Since: 2010

Price Range: 40$-300$

Category: Top, Pants, Dresses, etc

Another company that respects the environment while producing intriguing and insightful products is Amour Vert. Amour Vert will plant a tree in North America for each item of clothes you buy from them. As the clothing is some of the best available, those trees will continue to be planted.

The clothing has the appearance and quality of high-end items without carrying the hefty price tag that normally comes with them. Anybody may purchase items from this collection.


Since: 2016

Avg Price Range: 50$-600$

Category: Clothing & Accessories

Little capsule outfits are manufactured by the American fashion label Vetta Capsule. Its collections include adaptable items that may be combined to make lovely, fashionable, and adorable ensembles.

Vetta Capsule aims to assist you in creating a more considered wardrobe. It offers reasonably priced summer dresses created in the USA in ethical factories that treat employees fairly, defend their rights, and provide a secure working environment. It looks for environmentally friendly products with the best quality and functionality.


Since: 2000

Avg Price Range: 10$- 200$

Category: loungewear, bodysuits, and bikinis

In the USA, Vitamin A manufactures high-end eco-friendly bikinis, swimsuits, and beachwear. The sustainable swimwear company emphasizes doing good while looking beautiful and feeling well.

Vitamin A makes loungewear, bodysuits, and bikinis with attention to fit and stylistic details, and durability in mind. Its components are perfect, trustworthy, and helpful in all the greatest ways.


Since: 1912

Avg Price Range: 10$-500$

Category: Clothing Outdoor equipment Home Goods

Visit L.L. Bean if you want apparel that will last. From its beginnings in 1912, they have placed a strong emphasis on quality, and they still do today. Each of their products is timeless, built to endure a lifetime, useful, and ready for exploration.

This clothing line is perfect for you if you spend a lot of time outside. L.L. Bean is known for its tough and long-lasting clothes, and it specializes in swimwear, tools, and other outdoor and fitness gear. You can look well and work hard if your aesthetic is lovely.

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