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This is very popular nowadays due to its unique designs which are the reason they rule in the hearts of their valuable customers. Their casual wear is highly demanding among both ladies and gents. They have 30+ stores in almost all cities of Pakistan, you can also ship from their online store.


About Ethic Brand

THNIC the iconic Pakistani clothing brand launched its first step into the fashion industry in 2013. It eventually evolved as the most fashionable, experimental, and creative brand that revolutionized the fashion market with its fashion-forward clothing. Ethnic is now a household name synonymous with versatile yet aesthetically appealing women’s and kid’s wear.
As a brand closely connected to our roots we made sure that our women truly embrace the essence of their ethnic beauty and lead the way.

With a growing chain of 37 stores all over Pakistan at almost every notable location and in all major malls across the country, Ethnic is one of the first Pakistani brands to introduce fusion wear for women with the concept of complimenting both eastern and western culture. Moreover, our engaging online store has made it possible for customers within Pakistan as well as around the world to order Ethnic products with the click of a button and embrace true ethnic beauty with their fashion style.

It’s been a while since this journey started but when we look forward, it’s just the beginning.

Making its mark in the market while competing with so many players, Ethnic has stayed true to its name and continues to provide a wide variety of product lines including contemporary women’s pret, traditionally rich unstitched, strikingly chic kids wear for girls along with style statement footwear and aromatic fragrances. What makes Ethnic stand out is its wide assortment of product range in women’s pret including ‘Casual’ for everyday events, ‘Rozana’ for daily wear, ‘Fusion’ for a blend of both east and west, ‘Capsule’ for statement pieces, ‘Western’ for fashion-forward looks, ‘Boutique’ for formal events, ‘Semi-formal’ for festive occasions and ‘Special Price’ for affordable designs. Ethnic provides a solution for all your fashion needs to be sorted at a single platform. When we have a glance at the kid’s line, we see attractive ‘Eastern’ wear options such as Casual, Boutique, and Semi-Formal while at the same time a trendy range of ‘Chota Fusion’ to further enhance their fashion looks, a classy range of accessories for kids is also available.

Ethnic is a brand that celebrates our rich Pakistani culture and depicts the essence of heritage and traditional beauty through delicate embroideries and exquisite embellishments layered on pure fabrics and portrayed through contemporary silhouettes. It also takes into account the fashion needs of Pakistani women while providing versatile lines with up-to-date fashion trends and adding new styles on weekly basis. From bright to subtle colors, from experimental to classic silhouettes, from eastern to western outfits, this brand is the epitome of elegance and timeless grace that facilitates to the enhancement of the inner beauty of every woman who wants to make a statement.

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