It’s All About Faisalabad 2022

Faisalabad is one of the famous cities of Pakistan. Faisalabad is previously known as Lyallpur then its name changed to Faisalabad. It is ranked on the third number in all over cities of Pakistan.

A number of famous personalities belong to Faisalabad, including, Singers and comedians.  In recent years it has been developed and looks neat and clean with greenery and buildings developed here. Here we will share with you the most popular things about Faisalabad.

Faislabad Clock tower

If anyone talks about the city Faisalabad or shares a picture of Faisalabad you will see the picture of the clock tower at first It is also called Ganta gar which is The most famous place of Faisalabad. This clock tower has been built at the center of Eight Bazar including Buwana Bazar, mintgumri Bazar, Jung Bazar, and five other Bazar. It is the oldest place of city Faisalabad and the largest shopping hub of Faisalabad; all people from nearby cities around it come here for shopping.

Faisalabad Manchester of Pakistan

Faisalabad is also known as the Manchester city of Pakistan. It is the largest hub of textile production with maximum cloth mills. Cloth produces in Faisalabad is not only used all over the country, but it also exports in other countries.

Famous Housing societies in Faisalabad

Canal view housing, City housing, Wapda city, People’s colony, and Model city are some famous housing societies in Faisalabad city.

Famous Universities in Faisalabad

University of Agriculture Faisalabad

The University of Agriculture Faisalabad referred to as UAF is the largest Agriculture University of Pakistan. It is the largest University in Asia continent and among the top 100 universities around the world. Students from all Pakistan come here for higher studies, especially in the Agriculture field. University of Agriculture Admissions are open now

other Universities include:

  • Government College and University Faisalabad (GC University)
  • National Textile University
  • University of Central Punjab
  • The University of Faisalabad

Faisalabad Airport

Faislabad airport is now an international airport many international flights including Qatar Airways Gulf Airways, FlyDubai, Air Arabia, and PIA operate here on daily basis.

Transportation in Faislabad

The most common public transportation used in Faisalabad is Auto (Rikshaw). Uber and Creem now become very popular based on online app systems. Luxury Buses and trains are used to travel in other cities in Pakistan.

Hotels to stay in Faislabad

In Faisalabad, Sarena hotel is the best four-star hotel in Faisalabad. Other best hotels to stay there include Chenab club, Royalton hotel, PC (Pearl Continental ), National, East Inn, and  Sandalbar hotel.

Fast Food Restaurants in Faislabad

Fri Chiks, Mcdonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Folk & Knife, Sariya’s, Exotica Cafe, Hameed’s, Sam’s.

Restaurants Buffay Dinner:

Best restaurants for buffy dinner includes Dynasty, Baba Tikka, Lasania, Shehryar’s, Silver spoon plus, Usmania Al hamd, Khyaum restaurant, Lahore chatkhara, Hawaii restaurant, Hameed’s, Sam’s, Al-Aziz and Samarkand.

Govt. Hospitals in Faisalabad:

Allied hospital is a big govt. hospital and civil hospitals are two common govt. hospitals in Faisalabad. Cardiology is a heart specialized hospital for heart patients. Hilal Ahmar is a maternity hospital.

Private Hospitals in Faisalabad:

Faisal hospital is one of the most famous private hospitals in Faisalabad.

Shopping Malls in Faisalabad:

Lyallpur Galeria, Imtiaz mall, Sitara mall, Boulevard, and Al-Fateh mall are the most famous malls in Faisalabad.

Outfits’ shopping markets

The most famous places for shopping outfits include Anarkali Bazar, Kohinoor city, and Jhaal. For wedding dresses and parties, wear dresses Bano market is famous located opposite to Anarkali Bazar.

People of Faisalabad

The people of Faisalabad are very kind and Lighthearted. They are famous for jugat Bazi to spread smiles on the faces of other people who meet them.

Dressing of people live in Faisalabad:

Most of the ladies used to wear shalwar kameez for both casual wear and formal wear. Gents used to wear shalwar qameez and pent shirts in routine.

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