Top 10 Famous Architects of Pakistan 2023

An architect is basically a person who is professionally engaged in the design of specific large constructions or a planner, deviser, maker, and creator. When you see any building, there is a big hand in the back of an architect for making its infrastructure. People who are going for new projects are always in search of the Top Famous Architects of Pakistan and then Top Interior Designers in Pakistan.

The architecture of any country shows the civilization of its nation. Now with high progress in building making the values of architecture have also been increasing day by day In Pakistan. Let us discuss with you the top architects of Pakistan, some of which are not present with us but their organizations doing the same work. We have many best architects, but in this blog, we will tell you about the best maker of the top architecture in Pakistan.

Nayyar Ali Dada

Nayyar Ali Dada was born on 11-November -1943 in Delhi. Not is that the owner of the pride performance award in 1992 and the Sitara-i-Imtiaz Award in 2003 and the Hilal-i-Imia Award in 2008.

His work includes

  • Some buildings associated with dada including Quaid-e-Azamlibrary in Lahore
  • Lahore zoo
  • Shaukat Khanum memorial cancer hospital
  • Sarena hotel in Lahore
  • BCCI Bank in Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Grand Jamia Mosque Lahore

Habib Fida Ali

Famous Architects of Pakistan
Habib Fida Ali

Habib Fida Ali was born in 1935 in Karachi, Pakistan, and died on 7-January- 2017 in Karachi, Pakistan. He was a great architect in Pakistan. He received the lifetime achievement award from the Institute of Architects Pakistan.

 He worked on the following projects

  • Midway House Hotel in 1982
  • Phase I & 2003 -2006 Phase II
  • Memnon Medical Institute in 2010
  • Infaq Medical Center in 2006
  • Bait-ul-Sukoon in 2007
  • Master Plan JS Hospital Sehwan in 2012

Sadia and Ammar Associates

Sadia and Ammar Associates is an architectural and interior design company. It is owned by two highly skilled personalities Ammar Javed and Sadia Ammar. Their services include Architecture, Engineering, and Interior design all by their company. Their work which includes Commercial, Hospitality and Residential can be seen mostly in Lahore.

Yasmeen Lari

Yasmeen Lari

Yasmeen Lari was the first female Pakistani architect and was born in 1941 in Lahore. She studied for two years of arts in London before being accepted into the Oxford Brookes University School of Architecture. He completed his graduation in 1964. After graduation, she returned to Pakistan and opened her Architecture firm laari association in Sindh, Pakistan. She is one of the best founders and current chairwoman of the Pakistani Chapter of the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism (INTBAU) created in 2018. 

His Work includes the following projects

  • Naval Officers Housing, Karachi
  • Angoori Bagh Housing ABH 1978
  • Taj Mahal Hotel, Karachi 1981
  • Finance and Trade Center FTC 1989
  • Pakistan State Oil House

Abdur Rahman

Abdur Rahman studio

Abdur Rahman was born on 17 December 1919 in Hyderabad, India, and died on 18 September 2008. At the time of the independence of Pakistan gained independence he was in the UK. He joined the Government in 1959 and become the first Chief Architect in the west of Pakistan. After that, he becomes the chief architect of the Government of Punjab after retirement he spent some years traveling and living in the USA.

His work includes

  • Quaid-e-Azam medical college Bahawalpur
  • Khyber medical college, Peshawar
  • Mayo Hospital Lahore
  • Nishtar medical college Multan
  • Lahore College for medical university Mosque
  • Gazetted Officers Residences (GOR) in Lahore

Shahid Abdullah

Shahid Abdullah

Shahid Abdullah (1946-2009) was one of the great architects of Pakistan; he is the founding partner and the principal of Arshad Shahid Abdulla (Pvt.) Ltd. He completed his degree from the University of Illinois, Chicago, returned to Pakistan in 1975, and joined Pyarali A. Merali Associates. He also helped to found The Hunar Foundation (THF), a non-profitable organization to solve problems of youth’s livelihood.

Some of his work:

  • Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort – Main Clubhouse
  • Bakht Tower
  • DHL Office, Karachi
  • Tabba Heart Institute
  • MCB Tower, Karachi
  • Dolmen city

Hammad Hussain 

Hammad Hussain

He was a great architect born on 12 February -1970. He works in an Islamabad-based architectural consultancy firm. He belongs to Islamabad where he provides his services. He has the honor of being the first regular architecture columnist in Pakistan.

Some of his projects are:

  • President Pervez Musharraf arm house
  • Mushahid Hussain house
  • Army officers Mess
  • M&Z dwelling

Arif Hassan

Arif Hassan

Arif Hassan was born in 1943 migrated to Karachi after independence in 1947 and studied at Oxford Brookes University. He owned Hilal -i- Imtiaz.

Some of his projects include:

  • Hassan square Karachi in 1972
  • Sindh rural support organization Head office and hostel in 2009

Kausar Bashir Ahmed

Kausar Bashir Ahmed was born on 9- March 1939 and died on 9- November -2006. He made professional training and practiced at the Middle East Technical University, Turkey. He was a well-known architect educationist and town planner at his time.


Yawar Jilani

YAWAR JILANI He is a partner of Arco a firm, and he has been practicing for about 27 years & he designed hospitals, institutes, religious and residential projects, etc.  

Some of his completed projects include:

  • Ocean Mall, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Indus Urban Workshop,
  • Boating Basin and Clifton Beachfront
  • Al-Fatah, Lahore,
  • Nue Multiplex
  • The infrastructure of Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad

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