Mehndi is a beautiful art in India which exists for ages across the globe. Women and girls put different types of fancy stylish mehndi designs on their hands and feet at weddings that look beautiful. Mehndi is a language of beauty and emotion triggered in people. From the mesmerizing smell of a rose to its detailed look, people always eulogize these vintage designs. 

But the issue is women are unable to find the right suitable mehndi design for weddings especially. Addressing the above issue, below you will find different types of mehndi design right and suitable for most people

Stylish Mehndi Design To Have In This Wedding Season

Here are some of the beautiful mehndi designs that will enhance your look and glam you up in every attire that you wear:

Easy Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehndi also known as Mughlai Mehndi, is a combination of geometric and floral design. But it mostly emphasizes free-hand patterns with classic Arabic mehndi design like floral, fine lines, paisley etc. and is considered as the most beautiful fancy stylish mehndi design for weddings in 2024. 

Arabic mehndi provides a bold look with intricate designs which look absolutely captivating.

Indo-Arabic Mehndi Designs for Front and Backhands

Indo-Arabic Mehndi designs, which is a form of fusion design, is considered as one of the trendiest fancy stylish mehndi designs for women. The Indian and Arabic mehndi element mainly emphasizes floral patterns and shaded birds. This design looks beautiful in every hand and is perfect for weddings.

Moroccan Mehndi Design

It’s a very simple mehndi design which is a reflection of some symbols and patterns. Its design elements include zigzag lines, geometric curves as well as traditional Moroccan shapes along with an aberrant aesthetic that is a memory of Western tribal art.

Mandala Mehndi Design

Mandala mehndi is one of the ancient forms of mehndi design which surprises its people from its beautiful elements. Women now are becoming fans of this fancy stylish mehndi design as celebrities like Alia Bhatt used this design on her marriage anniversary. Being the center of attraction to many people, these designs include concentric circles on both the front and backhand so that it looks traditional.

Bangle Mehndi Design

This mehndi design looks like a circular band or belt-like pattern packed around the wrist, hand, fingers. The design consists of spaces between the intrinsic design elements so that focus would be more on mehndi design of the bangle. It depicts an exact balance between modern and traditional fancy stylish mehndi designs.

Tattoo Mehndi Design

Women who like mehndi designs but want to have it in light patterns, opt for tattoo mehndi designs. Inspired by Arabic art, the designer uses colorful henna to create these stylish tattoo mehndi designs. From twisted floral patterns to modern geometric designs, brides have a multitude of choices to get compliments from their wedding attire.  

Mostly tattoo mehndi includes floral motifs and other eastern decorations on front as well as backhand.

Symmetrical Mehndi Design

This mehndi design is worth giving a try. In this, the artist uses mehndi in symmetrical design so that whenever two hands are joined together, it looks perfectly balanced and modified. It’s an easy mehndi design which gives a combined look of polish and elegant mehndi.

Criss Cross Front & Backhand Mehndi Design

This criss-cross mehndi design provides a complete final look. The designs include floral ,geometry lines etc,. One can select between half and full mehndi design as this design is gonna stand out in today’s time.

Elephant Motifs Mehndi Design

Due to the charm and attractiveness and elegance which the designs have, it outshines all other designs. Just look at these handpicked images of mehndi design.

Flower Front Hand Simple Mehndi Design

Floral mehndi elements have successfully marked their supreme presence. These designs look extremely beautiful and peaceful and provide a sense of completion. One can’t ignore these mehndi designs.

Pattern Mehndi Design

This pattern mehndi design consists of several patterns and these patterns make it look more elegant and beautiful. It commonly depends on your choice. Do you like this one?

Peacock Mehndi Design

The bird peacock is considered as one the beautiful birds especially when they dance because of their multi-colored feathers. These mehndi designs are similar to that of peacock multi-colored feathers which signifies beauty, dominance, gorgeousness etc.

Conclusion –

The world of beauty and fashion and mehndi design never stops but continues to evolve providing an array of fancy and stylish options for weddings in 2024. These 12 fancy stylish mehndi design show creativity and beauty which mehndi artists provide to celebrities, ensuring that she feels special on her big wedding day. Whether selected for traditional elegance or contemporary, these designs capture the quintessence of bridal beauty as well as cultural heritage providing a little touch of mesmerism to wedding festivals. 

So what are you waiting for? .

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