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Fashion has now become a necessity of life not at the universal level but also in progressing countries like Pakistan. In the past two decades, Pakistani people got high awareness about how they look and what is the latest fashion trends in Pakistan. This awareness is made possible by the trend of social media and fashion trends in Pakistan awareness become popular. In Pakistan, social media has a big role in this line. People see and follow the upcoming trends. Especially Pakistani girls think if they do not follow the trends they can’t survive in society. Hundreds of fashion brands including Top Clothing Brands in Pakistan have been introduced in Pakistan which helps people to make update their selves. This word brand has shaken Pakistani society and people want to wear branded clothing to maintain their status in society. Sometimes this brand word makes Pakistani average and poor families less confident if they can’t afford branded things, which made a big gap between upper-class and middle-class families. At this time with the high demand for fashion hundreds of fashion brands have been introduced which produce high-quality stuff.

Fashion & Brands

Pakistan’s top fashion designers help people a lot to be aware of how to dress up. They organize fashion weeks where the latest fashion dresses show to fashion lovers. These fashion designers include HSY, Deepak Perwani, Maria b, Sana & Safinaz and many other big names in the fashion industry of Pakistan. The television and drama industry also have some participation in the present change in society. Popular Clothing brands for girls‘ fashion are Maria b, Sana safinaz, Khaadi, Limelight and Nishat. Brands for men’s fashion include Outfitters, Junaid Jamshed, Amir Adnan and Alkaram. These brands and fashion designers organize fashion weeks and exhibitions at national and international levels.

Eastern Clothing brands in Paksitan
Eastern wear

Pakistani cultural dress is Shalwar Qameez and Pakistani fashion trends still around the shalwar kameez with different styles. Pakistani girls look prettier while wearing their cultural dress in casual life. At weddings and other parties, girls like to wear Latest Party Wear Dresses lehnga choli, Sharara and garara and sometimes a saree. Muslim Bridals wear red lehenga on their special day and grooms wear sherwani. These Pakistani cultures have not changed yet since 1947 when Pakistan came into being. In the fashion line, if we talk about boys and their fashion while living in Pakistan, it is more interesting. In the last few years, boys get high awareness of style. They become more conscious about their dressing, show collection and hairstyling.

Fashion is also very important for a successful life in Pakistan. It helps you to aware of what’s going on in society and make a sense of good and bad and give a sense of what you should wear upon what occasion accordingly. There are two categories of people in Pakistan bromides and sulphites. Only sulphite people can get success in their lives, which do some extraordinary they want a change and bring a change. While bromides only do the same things in their life they avoid changing their selves and avoid competing the others. So be sulphite, do some extraordinary, be up-to-date with the latest fashion, bring good changes in yourself but never cross the limits and never forget your culture. Fashion is a good thing if you follow it appropriately instead of following the culture of western countries.

Today above 50% of Pakistan follow fashion and keep their selves up to date with the latest trends. The other 50% have two categories some are those who want to update their selves but can’t do due to money shortage and a few people who belong to a category have appropriate money but don’t want to change their life and personality. But overall a big change has been seen during the last five to six years in Pakistan which shows that Pakistan’s fashion industry will get high success in the coming years.

Although if we saw around the world there is no Muslim country which follows Islamic rules properly. Most Pakistanis who update their selves with the latest fashion don’t forget the limits. Most Pakistani girls and boys follow fashion trends concerning their culture which is the best thing observed by the outsiders of Pakistan.

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