Important Changes in my life due to Science and technology

There is no doubt if I say our life has been totally changed with the ease of technology. Technologists made our life easier and quicker. Now we just think to do something and we do it in the next few seconds. If we observe we can see that technology is everywhere around us from the air, water, food, to traveling, shopping, and banks. Similarly, door locks, security cameras, lights, etc. we have LCDs, the Internet, Mobile phones everything somehow connects with technology and made our life easier. Technology in health helped the most to survive dangerous diseases. Here I will share how my life has been changed with technology.

How my life is different now with the technology:

As a student, if I grow through a few years back my way of learning was totally different than now. First of all, to cover the long distance from my home to my institution I use efficient transport which drops me in few minutes. Now for learning, I totally depend on technology. My teachers use digital multimedia slides to teach us which helps us more to learn with digital devices. Now if I think about learning something I just connect my mobile to the internet and learn in seconds rather than searching for people who help me to learn something.

Another big change in my life which I observed is due to mobile phone. No doubt the mobile phone is a big invention of technology and it going to be more efficient day by day. A few years back when I don’t have a cell phone I use to play different games, go out to meet my friends, and for shopping. Now with the ease of mobile phones, I mostly connect with friends through social media; I mostly reply to them through my phone rather than meeting them and sharing my latest pictures with them to keep them updated about myself.

Effect of changes in my life due to technology:

All these changes happen in my life before a few years when I stepped out in my teenage. In my teenage, I got aware of this technology, and made my life easier. I found myself knowledge full after finding this technology very helpful in my studies. After using the internet during my studies I learn very quickly because no difficulty I face while understanding something.

Before I was very simple and chilled now I go through hundreds of matters which I see-through mobile phone social media, the latest news, what is going around us, and when I go to bed my mind feels really tired. I think this change made a negative impact on my life but before that like me, everyone feels backward. To live in society mobile phone becomes a necessity for everyone as well as a necessity of my life. 

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