Top 10 International Clothing Brands in Pakistan 

Our country produces the best textile in the world in terms of quality, but still, Pakistanis crave international brands since they love to shop unique things from different cultures or sometimes just for a change. Pakistani youth especially is fond of western style clothing. That’s why we are here you let you know the list of International Clothing Brands in Pakistan.

There are a few international clothing brands that have outlets in Pakistan as well. Let’s find out!


International Clothing Brands in Pakistan

It was founded in Barcelona, Spain as a high-end clothing design and manufacturing company.
The name ‘MANGO’ was chosen because it sounds the same in most languages around the globe.
The brand focuses on the preferences of fashion-conscious youth. If you’re looking for formal pants, dress shirts, or a blazer for office wear, shop Mango. As it has the most stylish and well-tailored collection.
Some other hits from Mango’s women’s clothing category are pleated skirts, chic trousers, and floral maxi dresses. Mango has an elegant jewelry collection all around the year, that gives an impression as it is designer made. Mango is a retailer that keeps on giving customers satisfaction just because of the high quality of fabric with economical prices. Few of their product prices are a bit higher than most of the other high-street brands, but so is the quality. Mango has outlets in Lahore and Islamabad.
It manufactures all kinds of products from medium to top quality that caters to the needs of every stratum of society. Their products are well-designed, fashionable, and durable.

Monson’s Accessories

International Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Monsoon Accessorize is a British private limited company specializing in girls’ dresses and accessories for every occasion. Cute fancy fairytale dresses catch everyone’s attention, you can discover a wide range of children’s clothes from Monsoon Accessories for their birthday. Upgrade your little princess wardrobe, with colorful and embellished dresses and pair them up with matching shoes and accessories. Shopping during the monsoon will surely bring smiles to their innocent faces. It has outlets in Lahore and Islamabad. 


It’s an American clothing company known worldwide for its Top-notch denim jeans. It was founded in May 1853 in San Francisco, California, until then it was the best choice for jeans because of its durability. Apart from jeans, Levi’s has other products such as jackets, hats, belts, & glasses. To cut the labor cost, Levi outsourced its manufacturing in many other countries including Pakistan. Crescent Bahuman Ltd, Artistic Milliners, one of the largest manufacturers of denim in Asia, and a couple more industries manufacture jeans for Levi’s in Pakistan.
There are numerous of Levi’s factory outlets in Pakistan where you can get denim at discounted rates.
The quality of the jeans is not compromised at all, so is the price. Levi’s denim is durable and the shades do not fade away easily. Also very comfortable to wear and give a stylish look.

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It is a famous British multinational brand that produces high-quality clothing, footwear, and home products. It has around 700 stores worldwide. Next is best to shop for smart outfits for office wear, i. e, pants, blazers & dress shirts for both men and women.
As well as, casual outfits for boys ie, t.shirts, hoodies, jackets, and jeans. For baby girl rompers, dresses, PJs and swimwear, etc. Thus everything for the whole family. You can find the Next outlet in Lahore. Moreover, many retailers are reselling their products online.


It is an American multinational company that makes athletes’ apparel, footwear, and sports products. NIKE is the world’s renowned brand when it comes to sports apparel & footwear.
Since most athletes choose quality over quantity, they prefer Nike because of the durability of gym clothing and footwear. Nike chooses to inspire athletes with their quality products. The prices really do justice to the quality of the products. However, they have products from reasonable to most expensive, thus covering the needs of all, hence loved by all.
In Pakistan, Nike outlets are in Islamabad and Lahore, and Karachi.


Headquartered in Dubai, Splash is the Middle East’s largest fast fashion retailer. It is a part of the Landmark Group. The all-time favorite brand for youth that offers trendy clothing and accessories for kids, women, and men. Splash clothing is a blend of comfort and style.
From Splash, the floral dresses catch women’s attention, whilst men can always find a good pair of jeans and style them with casual shirts. Add a bit of glam to your look with some cool accessories from Splash. They also have classy backpacks, sunglasses, etc.
Splash outlets are available in Ocean mall and lucky one mall, Karachi.


A leading global fashion brand, Debenhams has everything for the whole family. Women who cannot resist buying fancy outfits for occasions and parties can shop from Debenhams, which is perfect for birthday parties and bridal showers.
Debenhams offers inspirational fashion and style for everyone in the family, with an unbeatable variety of women’s wear, menswear, and kids.
Debenhams is located in Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi.

When it comes to fashion men can’t win against women but, it doesn’t mean they don’t shop. In reality, they shop from some high-end brands, especially for office wear. Let’s have a glimpse of some international brands that offer high-end apparel for men. 


An American retail store Dockers is one of the leading international men’s fashion brands. It has everything for men shopping from polo tee shirts, and pants to accessories. Docker’s outlets are in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.


A Hong Kong-based fashion store established in 1981, has numerous outlets in Pakistan.
Giordano mainly deals in men’s fashion. If you are looking for cool striped shirts, or casual pants, look no other than Giordano.

You can find Giordano outlets in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.

Pepe Jeans

It was founded in 1973 in London, United Kingdom. This brand gained popularity quickly because it produces one of the highest quality jeans and jackets.
You can find its outlet in Islamabad, Centaurus Malls, and vogue Towers Lahore.  

A good outfit can help you lift your mood, so choose smarty!

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