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Johnson’s baby products are banned updated 2020

J&J’s Baby Powder is one of the most recognized International brand specially produced baby products. It is an American brand of baby cosmetics and skincare products with the reputation of making “exceptionally pure and safe” products, especially for children. This brand is since at least of the 1980s.

Latest news about Johnsons baby products facts:

    Johnson’s baby shampoo is banned in most of the countries due to the presence of Carcinogenic (Cancer-Causing agent) Formaldehyde present in it.

Many authorities propelled an analysis of J&J’s Baby Products. According to research tests, they found asbestos in the baby products that are responsible for causing cancer.

This study made from collecting random samples Twenty-four bottles of J&J baby shampoo were tested randomly from two different batches and they observed a small quantity of formaldehyde that is a recognized carcinogen. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) categorizes formaldehyde as a human carcinogen (Cancer-Causing agent).

Raja Ram Sharma, Drug Controller of Rajasthan from India said formaldehyde, a chemical used as a preservative is used in Johnson’s shampoo that is not listed in ingredients of the products but it’s showing up in the test.

A previous report that was published in Forbes magazine in 2011, it was claimed that U.S. Department of Health and Human Services added formaldehyde to its list of known human carcinogens in June 2011 but in 2014 J&J had claimed as a response that they have removed this potentially harmful chemical-formaldehyde fro, their products. But now again this claim arises after finding Formaldehyde in open test of their products

In the explanation of Johnsons owners said they sent baby products after government tests when finding no asbestos in the product. But somehow their explanation is useless as the samples taken for the test were from two different batches and failed in the quality test. These tests have been done by Rajasthan Drugs Control Organization for the first time.

“Johnson owners say that we unambiguously maintain that our products are safe and our assurance process is amongst the harshest in the world,” Now we are temporarily accepting this fact but we will answerable after government analysis that was based on “unknown and unspecified methods”

The Johnsons Company still on the point that the claim is just “one-sided, false and inflammatory”.

Note: According to the whole description Parents should avoid Johnson’s shampoo for their children to protect them from carcinogenic agent Formaldehyde present in Johnson’s shampoo.

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