Khaadi Brand


It is known as the best brand in Pakistan. It won a number of awards in the fashion world. It has more than 40 outlets in different cities in Pakistan. Moreover, its outlets are also present in the UAE, UK, Saudi Arabia, and America.


About Khaadi Brand


25-year-old Shamoon Sultan opened the first Khaadi store in Karachi, Pakistan. The idea for a store like Khaadi was conceived in the mind of this pioneering, pure patriot, nostalgic about the old craft of hand-woven material. Khaadi was originally a men’s clothing brand selling basic-colored kurtas. Khaadi immediately questioned the status quo and made a bold statement. Saira Shamoon brought in her expertise and splashed a vibrant color palette on every piece, making a simple men’s Kurta an unapologetic fashion statement.

Ever changing, evolving, and expanding, by 2002 it was making women’s wear and soon expanded into women’s luxury wear with Khaadi Khaas launching in 2008. It was in 2012 that saw Khaadi changed to a mega retail brand, as it decided to evolve with the customer and introduce colorful lawn prints. This time not for a niche market but for a wide variety of Pakistanis customers.

Forever innovative and experimental, Khaadi introduced furniture, bedsheets, bags, accessories, and shoes and soon became a complete lifestyle brand. In just 2 decades, Shamoon Sultan’s 400sqft stores transformed into a 60-store enterprise stretching over 30 cities across Pakistan and 13 stores internationally in the UK, UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain, making its mark on-ground and online.

Khaadi Brand Story

Our legacy lies in our root strengths; vibrant colors, design aesthetics that mirror our emotions, fashion that is ever-evolving, and an unforgettable retail experience. Since its inception, Khaadi has been making it possible for women to dress in an inspiring, vibrant, affordable way – whilst celebrating their uniqueness with every style, stitch, and weave. We recognize the confidence she has in her own individuality by making it possible for her to express everything she is. Khaadi believes that culture, values, and mindsets are constantly evolving, and we strive to keep transforming with them. That is what keeps us relevant to the modern, contemporary woman.

Brand Asset Transformation

Khaadi is evolving, progressing, and changing – it is dynamic. This natural progression is driven by the realization that the brand needs to be responsive to changing customer needs, their lifestyle, and of course the environment.

Our new logo is reflective of our CEO, Shamoon Sultan’s vision of growth and expansion. It is to position Khaadi as the leading brand in Pakistan with a global footprint. Two decades ago, we started off by catering to a different customer, now our customer has a new mindset and we need to be relevant. There’s a new generation of clientele that is looking toward our brand and they are more confident, expressive, and empowered in the way they are thinking. The craftsman’s hand is still an inherent part of Khaadi. The two hands symbolizing our heritage in handloom craft have now been merged and connected with the brand logo. Their expression has transformed to reflect Khaadi’s next journey.

We don’t wait to stagnate. We change, we create the change.

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