At this time, shoes have become a noteworthy for person’s appearance. Adults are fashion-conscious and want to look their best. But in this era kids have a strong command of fashion and stuff related to it. They also have a shoe obsession. It is so difficult to decide on footwear for kids. People choose that footwear to look good on their kids, making them comfortable and strong enough to hold on to. Same like you can also find Top Baby Products Brands Famous around the World.

So here is the list of the best kids shoes brand in India to help you all.



Bata is the biggest retail brand in the world. Tomas Bata was the owner of this brand and it was established in 1894. It has 5000 locations in more than 70 nations. They have a great variety of men, women and children’s footwear. They have classic slip-on canvas shoe lace-ups to round-the-heel shoes, they have different styles of shoes for boys and girls. Bata provide your kid with comfortable sole shoes. This brand is expensive but they don’t comprise on kid comfortable level.



Keen is another famous brand in India. This company makes high-quality outdoor footwear for everyone. When you want to buy something colorful for your kids then this brand is the best option for you. They have a great collection of shoes for kids. Their shoes are made of leather to allow your child’s feet to breathe comfortably. Their sandals for kids are unique and iconic and protect your child’s toes from pain. This brand is ethical and responsible. All products are of high quality and support. Their shoes didn’t harm the feet of your little one.


Kitten is famous for kids’ footwear. Small little feet need super support and protection from injury. Kitten believes in making bright colors and comfortable shoes for kids. These shoes are lightweight and flexible to support natural foot movement with stable support. They mostly made leather or canvas shoes because it is more secure for kids’ foot. Their shoes are well-made, well-known, and well-loved by their parents. Their prices are not too high. Their products are easily affordable.


Indian shoe companies have been producing shoes for the global market for many years. Liberty shoe brand from India is one of the significant brands which got popularity abroad. This is well known for its quality and designs. They have new ideas and designs for kids that make it different. If we talk about school shoes this is one of the best brands for you. They have a great range of school shoes, sneakers, and everyday footwear for both boys and girls. This brand’s success has been based on its high-quality shoes at normal prices.


Reebok is a well-known Indian shoe brand. This brand provides strong-sole shoes and comfort for your kids. They have different variety of shoes for kids like lace shoes, studs shoes, and for sports shoes. This brand was founded in 1895 and got popularity day by day because of its high quality. There is a huge variety of shoes with bright colors for girls. They have a great range of sneakers in different styles for both boys and girls. Their prices are not too high. It is affordable to everyone.


Puma is a well-known shoe brand for sports shoes. They have a huge variety of men, women and kids’ shoes. Puma is also famous for cute footwear for kids. They have a great variety of designs. In every season they show unique designs for kids that make it different. Puma has a great range of sneakers, sports shoes, and school shoes. Their shoe soles are thick enough to protect the feet of your child from pain and injury. Puma shoes are lightweight and flexible so kids can easy to carry them.


Addidas is a well-known brand in India. It offers multiple pairs of shoes with diligent designs and superb material. This brand offers different variety of shoes like strud shoes, lace shoes, and school shoes. They provide high-quality footwear. This shoe brand set a high benchmark in the Indian market. Their shoes are highly durable and long-lasting. They provide flexible and lightweight shoes for kids so that kids feel comfortable. Their shoes have highly durable soles so children can easily take participate in all activities.


Skechers was an American manufacturer brand. It was established in 1992. It is one of the biggest shoe brand companies in the world. Skechers is a well-known brand in India. They produce shoes for adults, women, and kids. They sell the finest quality shoes that’s why popular around the world. This brand has more than 2000 stores around the nation. When it comes to sneakers and shoes, this brand has amazing work for both boys’ and girls’ shoes. Their kid’s shoes are flexible and provide rigid support to the child’s feet. The shoe is shaped liked a child’s foot. It is an expensive brand but they don’t compromise on its quality.


One of the most famous brands in India was established in 1992. A popular brand for kid’s shoes. They also offer sports shoes, school shoes, casual clothing, and many other things. Their shoes are made of both functional and fashionable. They have a huge variety of different colors of shoes. Most colors are vibrant. If you find any fault with their products, their staff always assist you. The main purpose of this brand is to provide warmth and protection to child’s feet. It is one of the famous brands in India for its supreme quality.


India has one of the most significant shoe manufacturers worldwide. Metro is one of them. This brand was come into being in 1984. They have more than 400 outlets in India and across the world. They have talented and skillful designers to produce different designs in every season. They offer men, women, and kids shoes in different styles. These products are of high quality and durable soles for the protection of child’s feet.

Last Lines

There is a lot of footwear brands in India but above are the top 10 best kids’ shoe brand in India. Most of these brands are Top international brands i.e Addidas Woodland and Sketchers but these are highly popular and highly demanding shoes in India.

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