Top Latest Stunning Pakistani Garara Dresses 2022

Garara dresses comfort the wearer to move around easily and gaze marvelously while wearing them. It is a traditional dress used to wear in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Gharara dresses are typically worn up at Pakistani weddings and events. Gharara is a type of ladies’ pant usually fitted at the knee or mid-thigh and flares come out from the knee. About 8 meters of fabric is required to make it. It became more trendy if embellishes with beadwork and zari embroidery, especially on the knee line of garara dress.

Gharara was first time introduced by Uttar Pradesh in the 19th century. It was mostly worn up by Muslim women in North India in the 19th century. It was worn up by aged women because of its baggy and comfortable style. After the independence of Pakistan, it has been seen to wear up by Fatima Jinnah the sister of Quid e Azam and Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan. From that time garara dress was mostly used to wear up by most grandmothers or aged women.

Fashion trends in Pakistan are going to change according to time. Nowadays garara dress became very popular for half a decade in Pakistan. It is mostly used worn at wedding functions. Bride and groom sisters used to dress up in garara dresses to become more unique in the gathering of hundreds of relatives and friends. Top fashion designers design party wears with garara pants combined with different styles of shirts. Different kinds of stuff from silk to chiffon or velvet to cotton are used for making this dress depending upon dress type. Heavily embroidered gararas were also used to wear with bridals instead of Lahenga. Pakistani girls also wear up by in white and off-white garara dresses on their Nikkah day. For the last 2 years, it has become more prevalent in casual wear as well.

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Here we are sharing with you the collection of beautiful and trendy garara dresses. You can get an idea by wearing a this dress on any upcoming function.

Party Wear Garara Dresses:

Garara dress has now become a very popular party wear dress. It becomes very trendy to wear garara dresses at parties and at wedding functions. Pakistani and Indian girls like to wear heavy dresses equipped with beadwork and zari embroidery. Here are some beautiful party wear garara dresses ideas you can carry to parties to look gorgeous.

White Garara Dress

Skin and Blue Garara Dress

Off White Garara Dress

Garara Dress in Golden and Ferozi

Garara Dresses on Mehndi:

It is very popular nowadays to dress up with gararas, especially for the mehndi function. Not only did bridals like to wear these dresses for their function, but also cousins and sisters of bridal and groom used to wear dresses with the combination of garara.

Mehndi Garara Dress

Mehndi garara Dress

Mehndi Garara Dress

Mehndi Garara Dress

Garar Dresses on Nikkah

It becomes the trend to wear this dress on Nikkah day in white color. It looks like a more beautiful, comfortable, and unique dress for the Nikkah ceremony. Here are some ideas for Garara dresses for Nikkah day.

Garara Dress on Nikkah

Nikkah Garara Dress

Garara Dress on Nikkah

White Garara Dress on Nikkah

Bridal Wear Garara Dresses:

Girls also like to wear garara dresses on the special day of their own wedding. Our top fashion designers prepare heavily embroidered dresses for bridal wear with short and long shirts combine with gararas. Here are some bridal wear and these bridals look pretty in these garara dresses.

Bridal Garara Dress

Bridal Garara Dress

Bridal Garara Dress

Bridal Garara Dress

Engagement Bridal Garara dress

Casual Wear Garara Dresses:

Garara dresses were no doubt first worn by women with the age above 50, but now it becomes a popular dress in casual wear. Here are some casual dresses pair up with garara.

Casual Garara Dress

Casual Garara Dress

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