Mascara is an important makeup product for women. It always gives a glamorous and dramatic look to the eyes. It enhances the eyes and helps to darken and lengthen lashes giving you an appearance of more dramatic, fuller, and bigger eyes. Finding the perfect mascara which doesn’t spot, clump and flake is a struggle. Mascara is frequently made of various formulas. They mostly contain essential components of oils, pigments, waxes, and preservatives. Have a look at the Top 10 Makeup Brands in Pakistan.

Here we mentioned the top 10 mascaras brand:


Huda Beauty mascara gives your eyes lashes a cluster look. It lengthens and volumizes the lashes. It has a very innovative mascara design. Their specially designed brush provides full volume and defined lashes. Its glossy effect gives you a sparkling effect. It gives long-lasting for 12 hours. There is no difficulty to remove Huda beauty mascara.


L’oreal mascara is famous for its fine and thin texture. If you are struggling with short lashes then l’oreal mascara lengthens and separates your lashes in just a few swipes. Their brush has a unique wingtip that stretches your lashes and adds some much-needed volume. It has a smudge-proof formula. It is light weighted mascara that gives a magnificent look to eyelashes. It does not flake and gives an instant longer and lusher look. If you are not comfortable with fake lashes then l’oreal mascara is the ultimate product for you.


Miss rose mascara gives a great volume and lift to the lashes. It has a comprehensive effect. It is the most demanding mascara in Pakistan. It always makes the eyelashes look more attractive and glamorous. Miss rose has a thin texture and is lightweight. It gives equal volume to a single lash. It has a conditioning, clump-free formula that volumizes the lashes. It is waterproof mascara. It is easy to remove with soap and water and suitable for use with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.


Focus point mascara instantly gives volume and length to each lash. It is the most famous product in women’s cosmetics. This mascara gives your lashes a more elegant look. It has been formulated to last all day long. The method to use this mascara is to apply with a specially designed silicon brush from the base of the eyelashes to the end in a zig-zag manner. It has a creamy formula and is easily removable. It is very safe for the eyes and will not give any side effects to lashes. It does not flake and smudge.


J. is a well-known brand in Pakistan. All products are very graceful and comprehensive. J. mascara gives your eyes bigger, bolder, and lengthier lashes. It provides volume, curls, and length, with all three in one. Its brush ensures strengthens the appearance of your lashes. The special products which are used in j. mascara is almond oil and vitamin E. Which gives your lashes thickness and perfection.


Divine lashes mascara gives your eyes a definite volume. This mascara gives your eyelashes more density and more volume. It is suitable for sensitive eyes. It strengthens your eyelashes without sticking and weighing them down. It has a creamy texture and is enriched with panthenol. Panthenol is vitamin B5 which improves strength and length. This formula is smudge-proof and flake-free. This ultra-soft brush creates beautiful curls of eyelashes and provides thickness and perfection.


Essence love extreme mascara provides great volume to your lashes. It is a creamy texture. Its extra large brush covers each individual lash. It provides definite volume to eyelashes without flaking and smudging. Its brush helps you to coat easily and volumize your lashes. It can easily dry out and doesn’t take much time. There are many waterproof mascaras that tend to dry very fast but essence love mascara feels soft and conditioned. It gives glamorous look in just one swipe.


Maybelline gives polishing and cluster looks to your eyes. It has a thick and dramatic appearance. It is lightweight and gives extra volume. It is famous mascara for women. Most people like this mascara because of its soft texture. Maybelline mascara gives a glamorous look to lashes. It adds volume and shine to the eyes. It also gives lashes a fuller and thicker look to your eyes. This mascara is safe for your eyes and never has any side effects which damage your eyes. It has a long-lasting effect. It is last for 12 hours. It does not smudge and flake.



Maybelline sensational mascara gives polishing look. It gives your lashes to glossy look. It is made with a special formula. Its special product which is used is protheline whose main function is to provide deep growth to the lashes. Another product is Vitamin E and Almond oil which gives shimmery look to the eyes. This formula is safe for lashes and never harms the eyes. Its brush covered every single lash and provide a fluttery appearance. It gives beautiful curls and volume to eyelashes. It has a creamy texture. It is easily removable with water because of its creamy texture.


Oriflame is a well-known cosmetics brand in Pakistan. There all products are so elegant. It serves all types of cosmetics for women which include facial cream, facewash, eyeliner, mascara for lashes, etc. It’s all products are amazing but when we talk about mascara, which is made with a special formula. Its special formula works to praise eyes in all shapes. The big advantage of this mascara is there is no smudging, flaking, or clumping. It is enriched with Vitamin E which provides the optimum length to eyelashes and gives glossy look.

Last Lines

Without mascara, makeup is considered incomplete because mascara gives an alluring look to the eyes. It volumizes the eyes and makes eyes bigger, fuller, and more graceful. Choose those mascara that gives a shimmery effect to the eyes and does not harm the lashes. There are many mascara brands in Pakistan. Above are the top 10 mascara brands in Pakistan. Other high-quality Brand includes Mussarat Misbah Mascara Alkaram Studio Mascara and Givenchy.

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