Latest Mehndi designs by Kashee Artist 2022

Mehndi or henna is trending from hundreds of years ago and still, it is loved by every age of the female. Girls in Pakistan love to make their hands full of henna designs or patterns. It is most demanding in eastern countries like India and Pakistan. If I talk about fashion it goes changes from season to season and every month the latest trending has to be seen. The only trend of henna is still present for hundreds of years. Girls like to make beautiful patterns on their hands-on different occasions. Especially Pakistani bridals look incomplete without mehndi. On the eid occasion, girls and baby girls love to make henna patterns on their hands before a night of eid called Chand rat in Pakistan. Henna is the fashion that is also recommended for Muslim girls in Islam.

If you are getting bored with old mehndi patterns and want to try something latest you are at a good palace. Here I will share with you the latest mehndi designs by Kashee artist. Kashee is a makeup artist of Pakistan and a much unique artist in his styling and makeover. He offers his own collection to make someone unique and like a doll. Everything is very unique as compared to other makeup artists.  Similarly, if we talk about mehndi patterns Kashee mehndi patterns are different from all past trending long lines of different flowers and patterns. Girls, as well as bridals, love to make Kashee mehndi designs on their hands. These designs are really unique and pretty you can also try them.

Kashee mehndi designs include shading style different filling style tattoo style and many other floral patterns. Many experts trained by Kashee make different heart-touching mehndi designs. These designs are the combinations of very thin floral lines with thick boundaries that make a unique combination of light and dark colors of mehndi. A no of Pakistani female actresses and models get services of henna on their special days. Kashee also offers glitter mehndi and beads designing on hands which depends upon you. If you want these mehndi designs on your hands as such you can visit Kashee salon or can make an appointment. Contact no and address and the official website of Kashi beauty salon are also given here in this article.

You can also try these designs on your hands even if you are only a little bit expert in making henna designs. Mehndi designs given in this post you can try easily on your hands. In some pictures you can see double shaded or two-colored mehndi I have a trick for this, first, draw the boundaries or thick lines of whole patterns and let it for drying. After one or two hours when you feel dry lines fill it from the inner sides and wash full hand even with wet filling then you will get a unique design in your hands with a light and dark combination of mehndi colors. If you are not an expert in mehndi designing and want to learn then be confident and start making even wrong lines on a transparent glass plate. Take a paper of design beneath the glass plate and try to copy the design beneath the glass. After five to ten attempts try to make designs on your own hands or to other family members for practice. Very soon you will be able to make mehndi designs like experts.

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Address: main Tariq Rd, P.E.C.H.S Block 2, PECHS, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh


Kashee Mehndi Design for Hands

Kashee Mehndi Design for Foot


Hope you liked these above mentioned mehndi designs. His unique way of styling make him special and his work must be appreciated by all. Must try these designs on your hands.

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