Mehndi Yellow Dresses Pakistani 2022

Bride to be feeling is very special for a girl. In Pakistan, Eastern girls consider very shy in the matter of their wedding. These talks are now old in 21st-century girls become very conscious of their dressing, especially on their wedding functions. Now there is a series of functions organized by the bride and groom’s side. One of the functions organized by the bride’s side is mayoun or ubtan. On this day bride is fully dressed up in a yellow color dress. Friends and family members of the bride apply ubtan on the face and body parts of the bride.

If we go a few years back yellow dress use to wear on mehndi day which is one day before Barat day. Now according to the latest trend on mehndi bridal use to wear a dress in different colors other than red color.

Today we are going to share with you the latest ubtan yellow dress ideas according to the latest fashion and trend. You can choose on your special day as these ideas are the latest and according to the latest trend. These dresses include yellow color garara or sharara dresses or short Kurti with lehenga. Make your day more beautiful by choosing the latest fashion yellow dresses.

There are many options to wear a yellow dress for mayoun. A garara dress with a short Kurti looks very pretty. Short frok with garara is also looked gorgeous. Another option is frok with high flare combined with long churi pajama. This gives a beautiful Anarkali look.

Some bridal who follow the past tradition to sit for mayoun in the same dress for several days uses to wear simple yellow shalwar kameez dress. According to this tradition, bridal wear the same dress bridal stay at home and not allow to go anywhere.

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