TOP 10 Men Blazer Brands in Pakistan 2023

Getting up of a person counts his personality. Sense of wearing really matters in judging a personality. To look smart people also search for Top Men’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan. As formal dressing is very important when you have an office job and have to attend meetings. A blazer is considered a formal or semi-formal jacket that is commonly liked around the world. Most people like the traditional style. Without a blazer, your wardrobe can’t be completed. They make you look smarter and slimmer. If you want classy looks without wearing suits, then blazers are the best option for you. So for your help, we are here going to share with you the Top famous Men Blazer Brands in Pakistan.

Let’s have a look at the top ten blazers brands in Pakistan.


Men Blazer Brands in Pakistan

The royal tag was established in 2012. It is a smart formal fashion brand for men. Their collections are party suits, regular wear suits, blazers, and slim fit suits. Their main objective was to build a clothing company that would become everyone’s first option. They achieved this objective by providing the best quality at reasonable prices. They make their blazers almost every popular color. While wearing this brand, you feel pride. The royal tag has many sales going on throughout the year.


This brand was established in 1954. When they started this brand they only wanted to build something for men but today this is the number one brand in Pakistan. Lawrencepur suits and blazers have a luxurious end. Their quality is amazing and versatile and they keep focusing on quality throughout their brand. From formal dresses to casual dresses, suits to blazers, and regular fits to slim, you can find it all under one roof.

By wearing lawrencepur blazers, you look more versatile. Their traditional blazers come in many styles for every occasion. Their blazers are made of wool, cashmere, etc.


Diners have been part of the fashion industry since 1990. Versatility, creativity, and simplicity are the main features of this brand. Diners offer all types of clothing like simple suits and plain suits but we talk about blazers they have a very huge variety of blazers. They don’t go big on prints and textures, they keep it simple. Their quality is supreme, soft, and easy to wear.

They offer different colors of blazers like blue, grey, etc. Their prices are pretty high but not too much, it started 10,000 to 26,000 depending on the style.


This brand was founded by the famous fashion designer Calvin Klein in 1968. It is a well-established brand and has a big history behind it. Initially, this company was founded for only blazers but now this brand introduces many fashion items also like suits, jackets, caps, watches, etc. Their fabrics are all of high quality, so whatever you pick, would be the best.

All of their blazers come in a variety of styles. Their prices are a little high because of their great quality, you get what you pay for. You don’t feel any regret after shopping for this brand.


Edenrobe was started under the name of “EDEN APPARELS”. Muhammad Haris is the owner of this brand which was founded in 1988. This fashion brand proposes comprehensive styles in modern ethnic, blazers, and western wear for men, women, and kids. This brand offers a wide range of different varieties for all seasons and occasions. Their blazers are designed in different styles to fulfill the expectations of a customer. They are also one of the only brands in Pakistan that make ceremonial suits for men. If you want a perfect look on your big day then Edenrobe is best for you.

They offer formal, business casual shirts, shalwar suits, and blazers with distinctive styles and attractive combinations. Their business is expanded with 75 outlets in 28 cities in Pakistan.


One of the best brands all over the world. It also got popularity in Pakistan. It was founded by Giorgio Armani in 1975. This brand provides stylish blazers in a unique and innovative manner. It produces the most decorous and graceful blazers for professionals. Armani serves all ages with distinctive styles for both genders. It provides quality, elegant and timeless style clothing ranging from luxurious garments. All products and designs are by masters of the craft.

Their products are under sub-labels like Armani Junior, Armani Exchange, Emporio Armani Armani Collezioni, etc. This brand focuses on trends and modern traits.


This brand was established in 1971. It has been in the fashion wear business for 52 years. This is the best menswear brand in Pakistan. Their progress is slow but with time, they produce every type of clothing under their name. They offer formal shirts, casual shirts, suits, denim, trousers, blazers, wallets, belts, ties, etc. They produce the most elegant and classical blazers, especially for office and party wear. They have preceding cuts and color options that help everyone get a blazer with supreme quality. Their prices range start from PKR 12000 to PKR 27000 depending on the type of blazer.


Republic is one of the popular fashion brands in Pakistan. The owner of this brand is the famous fashion designer “Omer Farooq”.For a person who likes to wear a simple suit with clear cuts and great quality, Republic by omer Farooq is one of the best options for you. This brand produces the most fashionable blazers for men. Their fabrics are all of the highest quality, so whatever you pick, you would like it. Their prices are pretty high because of their supreme quality, prices starting from PKR 30,000 to PKR 40,000.


 Andre Emilio is famous for men’s wear. They offer all kind of clothing like wedding suits, vests, and suits but we talk about BLAZERS, this brand grab your attention. They also create an enduring style for the modern generation. They have different styles of blazers with different cuts, fittings, designs, and colors. This brand is cooperatively expensive, although they offer clothes of unparalleled quality.

This brand is very expensive. Their prices started from PKR 50000 to PKR 70000.


Charcoal is a famous fashion brand for men’s wear in Pakistan. That was first established in 2008. In recent years, it’s climbed up the stairs of popularity and set its benchmark as one of the best clothing and accessories brands for men in Pakistan. Their suits have different features and unique designs and use different types of fabrics. They offer suits, jackets, vests, blazers, and two-piece and three-piece suits.

Their blazers come in a variety of cuts, shapes, colors, and patterns which gives an elegant look. Their price range from 7000 to 19000.


Monark is one of the men’s fashion brands in Pakistan that offer a wide range of men’s clothing and accessories. This men’s fashion brand has a rich fashion retailing experience of more than two decades. they offer high-quality Blazers at affordable prices. They have their outlets in big cities of Pakistan. Most of their outlets are present in Lahore.


Without blazers your wardrobe is incomplete, so choose it wisely. No matter what kind of blazers you want, you get graceful blazers in the above-mentioned brands according to your taste and style.

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