Top 7 Famous School Shoe brands in Pakistan 2023

Hey, your kids are just ready for Back to School. It’s time to shop for their complete uniform. Students get very excited about their new uniforms, new shoes, and bags. The student looks best in their full uniform which makes them more confident in the classroom. After purchasing the uniform, the next target is school shoes. Most Pakistani schools offer black uniforms and shoes. Black shoes are also best for school because they could be polished on daily basis. These shoes give an extraordinary fresh look after polishing. Here on this page, we are going to share with you the list of School Shoe brands in Pakistan from where you can buy quality school shoes for your child.

In Pakistan, only a few brands offer school shoes, so this article will help you to buy quality school shoes for your child.


Talking about school shoes Bata is no 1 in this line. They are excellent school shoemakers having almost a hundred years of their excellence in providing quality school shoes. There is a total of 500 retail outlets, and 200 registered wholesale dealers all over Pakistan. There is no compromise in the quality and durability of shoes. Their latest B. first collection is very nice for school students. You can buy Bata shoes from your nearby outlet in your city or can also buy them online at their official website.

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School Shoe brands in Pakistan

Servis is the second top school shoe brand commonly used in Pakistan. They offer shoes for all including men, women, and kids’ casual and formal collections. There are outlets are present in all cities of Pakistan. This brand started in Lahore in 1959 and is still in higher demand. Servis has a total of 500 retail outlets and 1500 independent retailers in Pakistan. They offer high-quality shoes with long-age durability. You can these shoes from your nearby retail service outlet.


NDURE is now one of the most popular shoe brands of all. Their shoes are the most comfortable in wearing and easy to walk. They offer comfortable shoes at an affordable price as well. Moreover, their shoes are quite stylish and easy to use for a long time of schooling time. They perfectly go well with school uniforms for a whole day wearing. There is a wide variety available at NDURE for school shoes. I personally used this brand for a long time wearing and walking shoes.  NDURE makes sure that 

 “You Live it up, live it out, and live it proud”

Shoe Box

SHOEBOX is a shoe brand of Pakistan working since 1941, has served the nation with quality and innovation. It is not common in use as compared to Bata and services, but they provide a huge variety of shoes for the whole family. They offer quality school shoes for students with high comfort and durability. Their stores are available in almost all cities of Pakistan. You can also purchase online at their official online store.


No one girl in Pakistan who doesn’t know about style Shoe Brand. They are very famous for producing a variety of shoes for ladies. They offer every kind of shoe for girls and now with expanding their business they also offer kids’ collections including school shoe collections. Now you can also buy stylish uniform school shoes for both boys and girls. You can buy shoes from their outlets or can order online.

Hush Puppies

Hush puppies offer a wide range of school shoes. They offer high-quality comfortable shoes for schooling children because they thought the damage to uncomfortable pairs of shoes can damage the growth of the child. They offer a perfect fit that results in easy-to-walk, Flexible, and Comfortable Soles to Pillow and Protect the Feet of your child, ready with Quality material that can handle water and compression with good air circulation and is easy for walking and running in the playground.


Starlet is a Pakistani shoe brand that produces shoes for all. They offer a variety of school shoes at their store and online. Comfortable and easy to wear shoes excellent for a long time wearing in school.  Their stores are available in 17 cities in Pakistan, so you can buy their shoes from the store in your city, and the second option is you can buy online easily at their online website.

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