Shalwar Kameez is the most common type of attire that is worn by both men and women in Pakistan and India. It is also called a Punjabi suit, as it’s the traditional dress of their culture. These have grown a lot in Singapore recently. Shalwar Kameez includes trousers, a tunic, and a shawl or a dupatta. Men don’t wear a dupatta but wear a scarf instead. It varies depending on the culture and it is a popular outfit that is comfortable and affordable as well. Some of the top shalwar kameez designs are mentioned below, make sure to check them out!

Explore the different types of Salwar Kameez

Salwar suits are the most essential part of traditional and ethical fashion. There are quite a lot of styles to choose from and it could be a tough task to choose one. Let’s dig deep into the styles that are now on trend.

Straight Cut Shalwar Kameez

This is the most common type of suit set that has a long, straight top that usually comes down to your knees. It is paired with a matching bottom. You can definitely carry it with a gathering pant or a cigar pant.


This style usually looks like a frock with no side slits. It flares down your chest and the length varies depending on your preference. This creates a beautiful look and the fabric should be Flowy!

Punjabi Salwar suit

This is a suit set that resembles the Punjabi culture. It has a top that comes to knee length, and at the bottom will be Patiala pants with pleats that give you a voluminous look. This is also the most preferred suit set by all and they are always on trend.

Jacket-style salwar suits

As the name suggests, this salwar suit comes with a long or short jacket that can be used over. This is currently trending and resembles a blouse over a skirt. You can use a shawl for that modern and sophisticated look. These are perfect for weddings and parties.

Front slit shalwar suit

This is a modern yet traditional style that is quite common in India. They have a slit in the front, usually from below the bust area, and goes down. These are great for parties and other occasions. You will look special from the rest of the crowd!

Pakistani Shalwar Kameez

As the name suggests, these suits feature designs and patterns that resemble Pakistani culture. They usually have lawn patterns and it’s a versatile choice for formal occasions.

Asymmetric Salwar Suit

The top of the suit has cuts that are not similar and have unparalleled lengths. This is great for regular use or office goers. A bold and modern choice for all who want to look chic and modern.

Cape style salwar

This style has a cape that comes down to the floor. It is usually layered on the top of your tunic and creates a flowy dramatic look. This type of suit does not have shawls or dupatta.

Double-layered Anarkali Suit

This adds an extra layer to your tunic and has two layers to make it more attractive. It looks chic and perfect for thin body types. These are not suitable for heavy busts as the dress itself is voluminous.

Dhoti Style Salwar

This style resembles the dhoti garment and usually consists of pleated and draped materials. This results in a stylish look and you can pair it with a kurta that is a little above your knee or a tunic top.

Shalwar with Harem Pants

This style comes with a regular kurta and harem pants. They look baggy at the top and come fit at the ankles. It is super stylish and gives you a crazy boho look.

Sharara Shalwar Suit

A short kurta is great for sharara pants and you can alter the tops however you want. The style usually has bell bottoms with body-hugging tunics.


Now we are sorted with various trending shalwar kameez designs. Be it any festival or party, the outfits listed above will surely impress your friends and relatives. For all fashionistas, this guide will be a life – saver! All of these above-mentioned designs are currently on the trend and they will bounce back to trend year after year.


Q1. How to look classy in Shalwar Kameez?

Ans: The uniqueness of shalwar suits makes you classy and chic. Choose any salwar suits that are listed above for your upcoming occasions to look trendy.

Q2. Which color is the right choice for salwar suits?

Ans: Bright colors are always on trend and they accentuate your overall look. Bright colors are perfect for all kinds of events and weddings.

Q3. What is special about the Shalwar Kameez suit set?

Ans: Shalwar Kameez suits are traditional outfits of India and Pakistan. It depicts their culture. They come with a tunic top, pants, and a dupatta.

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