Latest Shirt design for Pakistani girls 2022

Latest Shirt design for Pakistani girls 2024

Shalwar kameez is a traditional dress in most Asian countries. It is the well-disciplined thing that covers our body in a good manner. In Pakistan and India, 90% of females wear shalwar Kameez and it is assumed as a good and complete dress that covers the whole body. In Islam, women are ordered to wear a complete dress and cover their bodies so Muslim ladies wear Shalwar kameez. Here scroll down and get Latest Shirt design for Pakistani girls 2022.

No doubt fashion varies day by day according to time. But if we talk about kameez it is still there. Kameez or ladies’ shirts wear up by women in every type of fashion. Sometimes short shirts fashion and sometimes long or sometimes extra-long according to the fashion trend. Young girls up to date themselves according to the trend. Eastern women above forty most do not vary their dressing according to trend but love to wear simple and elegant shalwar kameez during every fashion trend. you can also find Latest Neck Design Ideas according to latest trend.

Short shirts wear up with both narrow bottom trousers and bell-bottom trousers. Similarly, medium size shirts according to a few year’s fashions look good with straight pant trousers. If we talk about the year 2021 a little bit longer then a medium shirt can be seen in trend with stylish Capri trousers. Shirts simply style with plates, bell-bottom sleeves, and ban Patti trouser gives outstanding look to your dress.

You get bored of wearing the same simple shalwar kameez don’t worry we are here for you with a stylish kameez design that makes your shirt extraordinary. Wearing a kameez suit never means that you are not fashionable or modern. It depends upon you how you carry it. In this article, you will see kameez stitch in the latest new styles in which you look very stylish and prettier. Hope you will enjoy of wearing these design.

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Here we are going to share with you kameez designs. Most of the designs are made on lawn shirts to make them more attractive. In different designing different cuts, round-shaped or embellished with some motifs and loops are included. Most of this design looks elegant on lawn dresses. Some are angrakha style shirts popular among girls especially teenagers who love this style. Another style included open shirt design is very unique. Some shirts are designed with the skill of a tailor. A good tailor makes your ordinary dress extraordinary by designing it simply with loops or different cut-shaped designs or plates. Now it’s up to you how you design your dress even with a cheap piece of cloth.

Scroll down and take a look at the latest kameez design. These all included a short shirt and long shirt designs will make your elegant look by wearing it.

Casual Shirt design for Pakistani girls

Here is an open shirt style short shirt with collar gala style. Combination color sleeves cuff and front one side tie making it more beautiful and stylish.

Very simple and very beautiful shirt style. Often like to wear by teenage girls. Having an extra short shirt and round daman style designed only on sleeves making this dress very unique.

Nice print light color shirt mostly love to wear in summer season due to its color and sleeves and neck design. Net stuff used for designing on sleeves and neck.

Here is a beautiful dress that looks pretty in casual wear. Simply ban Patti gala and sleeves simply accomplished with different colors of thread.

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Stylish Shirt design for Pakistani girls

Here is angrakha frock style short shirt. One side is longer than another side which makes it stylish and elegant.

A very simple and beautiful dress for black color lovers. Black color is very unique by itself and gives outstanding look while wearing it.

A short shirt in open shirt style on the unique print gives beautiful look. A thick black line is used for making it a different and modern look.

Here is another angrakha style short shirt. One side is longer than another side which makes it stylish elegant.

Angrakha style long shirt showing here. A big tie of different colors is used in corner of the style making it more elegant.

Beautiful shirt with the cut pattern on daman making it elegant.

Very modern shirt style accomplished with different color lining print cloth straps used on chest line and on sleeves. This is a short shirt printed on the front lower base.

Here is blue colored plain dress embellished with pink color tissue stuff frills on the shirt make it beautiful.