SUNGLASSES: Sunglasses make us look trendy and can be worn with any type of clothing. However, the main purpose of wearing sunglasses is to protect our eyes from the glare of the sun, which regular glasses cannot provide. Sunglasses protect our eyes and the delicate areas around our eyes. But we must choose high-quality sunglasses from the Top SUNGLASSES BRANDS IN INDIA that offer maximum coverage of UVA and UVB rays, which is wiser than simply choosing sunglasses that look the best. Larger shades of sunglasses offer more coverage. Wearing sunglasses regularly can reduce the risk of some UV-related vision problems. Wearing sunglasses during swimming. To stay healthy, it is important to avoid the summer sun.

Here we discuss the top 10 sunglasses brands in India:


At the top of the list of top Indian sunglasses, brands are Ray-Ban, an American sunglasses and eyewear brand founded in 1937. Timeless, classic, and chic define the essence of the brand. Forming popular culture around the world, Ray-Ban sunglasses are a classic blend of practicality and style. Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses and Wayfarers are the brand’s best sellers. They have premium grey mirrors with gold metal frames with UV cut processing applied to the lens. They have mostly square frames. It can be used with prescription lenses and provide visual comfort with 100% UV protection. And the main feature is that it is scratch-resistant glasses.


Oakley is a subsidiary of the Italian company Luxottica, founded in California in 1975. We design, develop and manufacture sporting goods and lifestyle parts. The range has a sporty feel. From the worst weather to action-packed activities, Oakley sunglasses won’t disappoint. Its lens width has 60mm, its bridge length has 16mm and the template length has 135mm. A UV protective coating protects your eyes from direct sunlight and allows you to see more clearly in the hot sun.


Carrera is part of the Safilo group, an Italian brand that has been designing and manufacturing superior sunglasses and sports eyewear since 1956. With decades of experience and a passion for style, Carrera curates creative, trendy merchandise. The brand has been breaking down barriers with new and improved launches every year and this is one of the best. It has a gold metal frame with high-quality green lenses with silicon nose pads for extra comfort.

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Fastrack is India’s most affordable sunglasses brand founded in 1998. It captures the rebellious and adventurous spirit of the masses. The brand follows current trends and always keeps us with the youth. Ultra-cool and protective, Fastrack sunglasses will instantly enhance your look. Fastrack is known for producing high-quality, affordable clothing and accessories for young people in India. These are made of high-quality plastic and polycarbonate and are light-weighted. They have a UV protection lens.


Polaroid corporation is a trusted name on the list of the world’s top sunglasses brands. Founded in 1937, polaroid is an American consumer electronics and eyewear company. Their square sunglasses are very stylish and classy with the look and feel of their sturdy metal frames. Light weighted, durable, and with UV protection lenses, your eyes are always protected from the sun’s damage. They made unisex glasses with metal frames and polycarbonate lenses.


Fahrenheit is considered one of the hottest Indian sunglasses brands. Fahrenheit is a functional and trendy accessories brand. The brand’s sunglasses reflect a cool attitude in a variety of colors and designs. It comes with a protective film to protect your eyes. Fahrenheit animal print sunglasses are a must-have for style lovers. The study plastic frame holds oval lenses perfectly and is perfect for a variety of face shapes. It has a plastic frame with polycarbonate lenses.  


Armani Exchange is an Indian premium sunglass brand founded in 1884. A youthful fashion brand launched by Italian designer Giorgio Armani. The Armani Exchange sunglasses series is the epitome of elegance. They have stylish type glasses that are used for enhancing style and beauty. This is a sunglasses brand that is relatively more expensive than many other popular names. It has a UV protective coating to protect your eyes when you go out. The design and functions are the best, so please try them once at least.


IDEE eyewear was launched in 2000 as one of the hottest brand names in sunglasses. An Indian brand that offers quality products at great prices. For today’s generation, IDEE sunglasses have a cool and confident vibe. Youthful and exclusive, it helps build your personality. It protects from UV light. International designs, unique styles, and unparalleled colors make IDEE sunglasses an excellent choice. It has a polycarbonate lens with a gold metal frame and with full rim for ultimate protection. The lens width is 58mm and the template length is 19mm. the non-polarized lens with comfortable nose pads.  


Founded in 1973, Vogue is an eyewear brand created to bring you the latest fashion trends at affordable prices. The brand offers contemporary styles to young and fashion-conscious consumers around the world. It is the dominant brand of women’s sunglasses in India. From simple rounded skinnies to decorative skinnies, Vogue has something for everyone. Square full-rim frame with a lens width is 54mm and a bridge length is 19mm with silicon nose pads. Classic, brown-colored lenses and dark brown frames are perfect for women. Easy to clean and maintain.


Flying machine is India’s first indigenous fashion brand offering youthful style. The brand combines comfort and practicality with sturdy edges. Flying machine sunglasses are not only fashionable but are also durable. Spice up your everyday look by choosing a colorful or structured model from this brand. The frame and lenses are made of high-quality plastic.

The main purpose of sunglasses is to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun, which regular glasses cannot. It protects our eyes from dangerous UV radiation. By wearing these brands of sunglasses, we look so charming and glamorous. There are many sunglasses brands in India but here we discuss the top 10 sunglasses brands in India.

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