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Top 10 Best Baby Diaper Brands in Pakistan 2022

Every mom wants the best for her child that’s why she never compromises on the comfort and quality of baby products. When we talk about the comfort of the baby first question that arises in the mind of the mother is that is baby’s diaper is good and comfortable or not. With a good diet for your baby, you must also take care of your child’s comfort which also makes him more active. Today we will talk about the best baby diapers that are available in Pakistan. As I am a mother will share my own opinion of my close friend’s mother. When I was blessed with a baby I was worried about the same question which was the same how to choose the best diaper. Here I am going to share with you the top best high-quality baby diaper brands available in Pakistan.


Pampers is a name that everyone knows. It is quite famous even in Pakistan people use to say pamper for every diaper just because of its popularity. They are also the founder of the first disposable baby diaper. You can say this is the most expensive diaper brand used by high-class families in Pakistan. Its price range is around about 2000 rupees for its large pack.


 Canbabe is ranked on the second number in its quality and price. These diapers are available in markets having good quality products. Its price range is about 1800 to 2000 for its large pack. Canbabe is a leading baby brand in Pakistan that offers good quality products. It is the second more common brand that is available in high supermarkets and hypermarkets. Its fine smell and soft material made it most admirable.  Canbabe is available in different sizes from newborn to XL sizes.


Huggies is an international brand famous for good-quality baby diapers and baby wipes. Huggies is a popular brand in many Asian and east western countries and is imported to Pakistan. Huggies diapers are available in large supermarkets as well as at Pakistani online stores which import other brands. It is included in the top 3 baby diaper brands according to quality.


Molfix is a good-quality multinational baby diaper brand loved by mothers. Its 3d system indicator is the most famous which indicates how much it is full. Moreover, this brand is not much expensive that’s why moms love to buy good quality Molfix diapers at a reasonable price. It is available in 6 sizes Newborn, Mini, Midi, Maxi, and Junior to XL. In the last few years, Molfix becomes the most popular and most recommended diaper in Pakistan.


Rocket is the most commonly used brand in Pakistan. Even more than 50% of moms use this diaper and are satisfied with using it. Rocket diapers are really cheap with fine quality material with long-lasting protection. Because of its cheap rates and good results, Pakistani middle-class moms’ first priority is the Rocket. Its large pack is available for less than 1500.


Hugglo is another Pakistani diaper brand that offers high-quality diapers at good prices. Its wide stretch waistband makes it more comfortable for the baby. It offers small, medium, large and extra-large packing for different baby ages. It competes for the other high-quality brands available in Pakistan but prices are much lesser than those. My own experience with this brand was excellent you can purchase it with confidence.

Bona papa

Bona papa is another latest baby diaper brand having good quality. These diapers are available in all Chase Up stores in Pakistan. Bona papa offers 12 hours of leakage protection and your baby can sleep with a whole night’s comfort which every mom wants. Highly recommend diapers at reasonable prices. Its large pack price is about 1500.

Care baby

Care baby is another good baby diaper brand in Pakistan. By using it you can find all the properties which you want in a good diaper. Care baby has the ability for long time leakage prevention and your baby will be more active by wearing it. Available at reasonable prices average price is 1229. It is available in many online stores including the baby planet. pk, and, Daraz. pk,, and many other online shopping stores in Pakistan.


The shield is a good quality baby brand in Pakistan that produces baby products. I have my own experience of using this brand. It is really cheap in rate having good quality. Prevent baby from rash with long-time leakage protection. Shield diapers are available in large hypermarkets and stores. Its price range is nearly 1200 only for its large pack.


Leo baby diaper brand is another good name while talking about average rates and good results. Its average price is only 1100 which is much less than other brands available in the market. This is one of the good brands available at affordable prices. It protects your baby from any rash with high-quality material used.

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