Top 10 Best Hair Color Brands in Pakistan 2023

Hair coloring has become very trending now a day, especially for girls who want a new look every year. They color their hair once or twice a year. Boys are no longer back from girls in the last two decades younger boys’ look more conscious of their outlook and visit the salon regularly and color and style their hair according to the latest fashion. Check out the top best Hair Color Brands in Pakistan

There is another category of people in Pakistan who required coloring their hair on a regular basis. Pakistani women, as well as men, are much worried due to white hair at a very young age which makes them older than their ages. So they always keep in search of a good brand of color that does not damage their hair anymore. Today I am going to share with you the best hair color brands available in Pakistan. Stay with us.


Keune is the top best hair color available in Pakistan. It is used by most hair salons in Pakistan. It gives shine to your hair. This brand is working with its top excellence since 1922 established by J. M. Keune. Keune has earned a high reputation, specializing in high-quality proficient hair care products for the beauty industry around the world. With the high-quality best hair color collection Keune also add Care Essential Mineral Complex into their products which nourishes the scalp to promote healthy hair.

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Loreal Paris

Loreal is a French-based personal care company. It is the world’s top company providing the best hair color and hair care products.  It serves its products in worldwide countries and gained high fame in the past few years. It has amazing effects by applied to your hair. Easy to use and have long-lasting results. It also protects your scalp from damage. As it is the most demanding product in Pakistan, you can get it from anybody’s shop or cosmetics shop.


Garnier is another French-based cosmetics company. It is the subsidiary of the Loreal Paris company. Garnier mostly produces hair care and skincare products. The company was come into being in 1904 and produced high-quality hair care and hair color products. It is served worldwide countries, particularly in Asian countries, including China, Pakistan & India. It is known as a well-trusted brand for your beloved hair and you can apply it to your hair with high trust. Having high properties Garnier has another good thing is that it is not much expensive.


Wella is a German hair care company that produces quality hair care, styling, and colorants products. The company is working since 1880 and got many awards for its excellent products. Their high-quality color products give an outstanding look without any hair damage. It is used by many professionals in Pakistan to satisfy its customers with Wella’s best products. Its products are not only used in Pakistan but also used in many other countries.


Schwarzkopf Professional is a company making hair care and hair color products for 120 years. They are still existing with a high demand for their products around the world. Schwarzkopf is included in the world’s top 3 companies producing high-quality hair color products. These products are also available in big hypermarkets and malls.


Vatika henna hair colors provide 100% ammonia-free high-quality colors which protect your hair from damage. Best in covering the dull grey colors of your hair to give the subtle colors that you want. In Pakistan, Vatika colors are rarely available in the market but you can buy them from online shops in Pakistan. They offer a multiple color range which gives extra beauty to your hair with no damage.


Revlon is an American-based company working since 1932. It is a cosmetics company that exports its products to a worldwide level. In Pakistan Revlon, hair care products are very common in use. They offer a wide color range with excellent reviews on their product results.  Their customers are fully satisfied with using their color products which are easy to use and protect hairs from damage. Revlon each year provides a trendy color introduced for their customers to update their valuable customers.


Olivia is made in Pakistan and affordable than other international brands. Its hair color products do not contain Sodium Lauryl which harms your hair so it does not cause any damage during the coloring hair process. Olivia offers 50 shades available on their shade cards which targeted Pakistani men and women who want natural browns and blacks color range. It is easy to use even if you can apply it in the comfort of your home with the brush available in the pack.


Dikson is one of the most common brands which is commonly used for hair color. They offer a wide range of colors and product series. Dickson drops color hair cream always gains positive reviews. You can buy Dickson hair color from anybody’s shop as well as order online through Pakistani shopping sites ie, daraz or I shopping. Their prices are not highly affordable in the price range available for their different products.

Black Rose

Black rose is another hair color brand common in the use of Pakistanis. With good results, it prevents you from hair damage. It contains Natural Henna, Barium Peroxide, and Citric Acid which never harms your hair or scalp skin, it is just like a natural product that is really effective. It colors your hair for 20-25 days after then it comes faint but according to its benefits, this is the best product in a little price range.

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