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Top 10 Best Men’s Dress Shoes Styles 2022

“Good shoes will take you to good places” is right saying by Anon as your personality is judged by your outlook in which your shoes matter a lot. Stunning and comfortable shoes make a man more confident in him.  With the right footwear, one can rule the world with his confidence.

Dress shoes are broadly used to wear in daily office time, in business meetings, parties, and also on special occasions. Dress shoes for men available in a variety of colors and styles. The most popular and trendy shoe styles we are going to discuss here. You can get knowledge about dress shoes and can also choose the best to buy for your office time or for other occasions.

  1. Oxford Shoes
  2. Brogue Shoes
  3. Derby Shoes
  4. Loafer Shoes
  5. Monk Shoes
  6. Blucher Shoes
  7. Brothel creeper Shoes
  8. Spectator Shoes
  9. Winkle Picker Shoes
  10. Wholecut Shoes

Most Common Shoe Styles:

Oxford Shoes

Oxford’s low cut shoes first appeared in Scotland and Ireland and then worn up in Europe as early as the 1640s. Oxford shoes are specially used for office use and the most common dress shoe type around the world. Oxford shoes are specialized for their closed lacing as these shoes have shoelace eyelets attached to the top of the vamp. These branded shoes are designed for those who required wearing formal or dressed shoes on long-time duty work. Oxford shoes are known in the 1800s when these shoes get popularity in Oxford University. Oxford shoes mostly made with Faux, calf and patent leather, suede, and canvas materials depending on the quality of shoes. Allan Edmonds, Edward Green, Church’s, Crockett and Jones and Berluti are the most famous brands producing quality oxford shoes.


Brogue is a dress shoe style with special leather low heels shoes or boots. Most of these shoes are available in toe-cap styles that are their specialty and origin. Now Brogue also offers boots, canvas and leather sneakers in brogue collection. It is most recommended for its formal or business shoe collection in which leather dress shoes are most common in use. There are four common styles available in real brogue shoes that include full brogue, semi-brogue, quarter brogue, and may also available in longwing brogue style. Their shoes with toe cap style just look like a piece of the mixture with tradition and latest outcome style. Brogue shoes are more durable and comfortable in use and can be worn up for long day office work. Grenson, Marks & Spencer, Tricker’s, Crockett & Jones, Ted Baker, and Dune are the popular brands making high-quality Brogue Shoes.


Derby shoes also referred to as blucher which is a style of shoe with open lacing that is stitched on top of the vamp. Derby shoes came into the ground of marketing in the 1850s as a generous and hunting boot. Derby shoes look outstanding when wearing up with slim jeans or are seated below a three-piece suit. These boots are different from their upper opening from the lace section so these are easier to fit in the foot of its user. These shoes relate the oxford shoes as having almost the same style with little difference. There are four key styles available in Derby shoes, which include Classic Derbies with Plain leather, Chunky Derbies with thick soles, Derby Brogues with informal punched holes and Derby Boots more suitable for factory work. Tricker’s, ASOS, Grenson, Top Man, Clarks Originals, Marks & Spencer are the most famous brand which produces good quality Derby shoes.

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Loafers are lace-less shoes or having low lace. These shoes are most common among men as they are more comfortable and easy to carry. Loafers were first time introduced in London by Wildsmith Shoes. Their popularity started in America and then these shoe styles become the most trendy shoe style ever. Loafer shoes are available in a wide range of colors and designs, habitually containing metal decorations or tassels on the front. These shoes designed by the top luxury brands including Gucci, Johnston & Murphy and many other men shoemaking brands. Loafers can be worn up worn with a variety of outfits and on different occasions from party wear to casual use. Loafer shoes always highlight your personality and make a complete confident man to everyone.

Monk Strap

Monk shoe is one of the most common styles of dress shoes that came into the market since 1901. Monk shoes designed with one or two buckles on straps on the upper side of the shoe instead of laces. These shoes can be worn upon a meeting or for going outside with your family as these look more casual when worn up by suit and looks formal for many casual outgoings. There are two common styles mostly available in monks, Single Monk Straps and Double Monk Straps. Single monk shoes have a single strap with the buckle on the upper side and a double monk strap has two consecutive buckles. Monk shoes are also available in more than two buckle styles but not suitable for dress shoes.  Aldo, Marks & Spencer, Church’s, Base London, Top Man, and John Lob are the popular brands making high-quality monk shoes.

Other Shoe Styles:

Blucher shoes

Blucher is another open lacing shoe style made of single plain leather. These shoes have the upper is made of a single cut, with only the small eyelet tabs sewn on top. These shoes are much related to Derby shoes and oxfords shoes even people also assume oxford and derby shoes are Bluchers.

Brothel creeper Shoes

Brothel creeper shoe is characterized as having a thick crepe sole. This style was first industrialized in 1949 by George Cox.

Spectator shoe

Spectator shoe is basically designed with two contrasting colors i.e., lace panels in a darker color than the main body of the shoe. Spectator shoe same look like low-heeled, oxford, semi-brogue or full brogue constructed shoes only difference of color contrast.

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Winkle picker Shoes

Winkle picker shoes are characterized with very sharp and long pointed-toe shoes. These shoes have very long and sharp toe tips just like women’s long tip shoes.


Wholecut shoes are characterized by a seamless wholecut style. These shoes are made from a single piece of flawless leather in plain and smooth style with minimum decoration.



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