Top 10 Best Private Schools in Faisalabad 2023

Faisalabad is the third biggest city in Pakistan as well as the Manchester city of Pakistan. It is a beautiful and calm city where people have good sense, how to live in society. A large no of Pakistani stars also belongs to this city. With the passage of time people getting more awareness about education and parents to become more conscious of the study of their children. Parents want a highly competitive and more secure environment to nourish their children. Here in this article, we are sharing with you the list of best Private Schools in Faisalabad. These schools ranked on top due to their study and good environment.

Divisional Public School & College

Divisional public school is listed as the best school for your child to overcome the moral and educational aims in life. Most of this city’s engineers, doctors, successful businessmen, politicians, and industrialists have schooling from here and they’re proud as well. The school was come into being in 1963 and getting continuous success from the time of its establishment. School is surrounded by 37 acres area with the supercilious building and beautiful grounds having lush greenery and flowering plants. They maintained high standards of education with the latest learning methods by well-educated and trained staff. They have aimed to learn their students with the lesson of equality, honesty, truthfulness, and sincerity.

Divisional Model College & school

Private Schools in Faisalabad

DMC is the institution ranked on the top of the list of schools in Faisalabad. They offer English medium of instructions and prepare their students for the high competitions in life. They groomed their student from start to make them capable of leading the world. DMC is present in the center of the city at the most secure place of Faisalabad. The school was established on 19 August 1989 and upgraded to collage level in 2002. Now the school is at the top with their Board positions. A total of 4200 students are grooming in the school at this time with 142 well educated and trained teachers. DMC offers Cambridge University examinations for O-levels and A-levels and for the Examinations of BISE Faisalabad.

Beacon house school system

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Beacon house school system aims to provide education to the students according to international standards. They trained their students for hard work and maximum effort to take an easy step in the highly competitive world. The first Beacon house school came into being in 1975 with only 19 toddlers from Lahore Pakistan. Now at this time, the Beacon house school system is one and only the name spreading at the international level. These School branches are available in eight different countries in the UK, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Oman, the UAE, Pakistan, and Belgium. If you want to give your child nourishment according to international standards this is the best choice for you.

Lahore Grammar School

LGS is one of the best Cambridge schools in Faisalabad. It is the world-class institution now its branch present also in Faisalabad. Students are encouraged here to achieve their goals in life by using their hidden talents. The first LGS branch was established in 1999 in order to create a nurturing environment and encouraging the students to get confident in their selves. They organize many activities other than study including debates, seminars, competitions, sports day, movie nights, and welcome and farewell parties which refresh the student’s mind and they don’t get bored. LGS has two separate campuses for boys and girls in Faisalabad. On both campuses, they offer O levels and A levels.

Kohinoor Grammar School

Kohinoor Grammar School is one of the best choices for parents as they give value to each child as a unique individual to become a future star. They provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment to their students. KGS was come into being in 1984 with the goal of empowering the boys and girls to achieve high goals in their life and they do their job successfully for more than three decades. They provide a safe, positive, and exciting learning environment for each student to make them more confident in their selves. They use the latest learning process to get trained their students to stand confident in every line. KGS has a total of four campuses in Faisalabad.

Faisalabad grammar school

FGS is another big institution for the nourishment of your child. Faisalabad grammar school is also known as FGS. It was established in 1979 by Mrs. Razia Youssef Saigol (Late) in order to provide quality education for the fortune of future peers of Pakistan. They just started with a small strength of students and now with the high credit of providing quality education. Now they have a total 5 branches with above 2500 students. It is approved by the British Council to allow O/A levels from Cambridge University Examinations. Their medium of education is the English language in which all 21st-century methods of education involved. Their highest aim is to educate the students and bring co-curricular activities and spiritual development in them.

Lahore Lyceum School

Lahore lyceum school was started its first branch from Lahore and surviving with 32 years of academic excellence.  They nourish their students mentally, academically, substantially and socially by developing the arrogances which are must require meeting global challenges in coming future. It is based in Lahore having more than fifteen branches in other cities of Pakistan including Faisalabad, Sargodha, and Peshawar. This school offers matriculation examination from Lahore Board and also offers O/A levels from Cambridge University. With the academic studies, LLS also offers many extracurricular activities to organize for the purpose of keeping their students fit with fresh minds.

Allied school

The allied school system is a project of the largest educational network in Pakistan. Allied school is one of the best secondary school offers a caring environment; focus on the individual child and standards of education with modern approaches.  They have a remarkable contribution to quality education in Pakistan. They offer high quality of education with the latest demand in the education method. Their fee is not much high as compare to other schools having a good education standard.

The educators

The educator is the project of the Beacon house school system. They prepare their students for life-long learning and succeeding in every moment of life. Their mission is for a quality learning experience for the students and quality training for the faculty by providing excellence in education within our socio-cultural framework, bringing forth benefit to students, community and the country.

Dar-e-Arqam School System

Dar e Arqam school system has a big reputation in providing quality education for a number of decades. They have many branches in Fiaslabad but Dar-e- Arqam School [colony No. 1] DA, Faisalabad is on the top of the list due to their excellence and hardworking.


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