Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

Top 10 Best Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2024


    Everyone in the world is running to earn money by doing a job or by establishing a business with the hope to become a millionaire. There is nothing impossible in the world but only there is the necessity of determination and hard work to get. Most of the people in Pakistan facing unemployment with high qualifications and with grade degrees, similarly most Pakistani women want to do something but avoid going outside for a long-time job. Here is what I am going to share with you the top 10 best Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan. 

Today I am going to share with you my own experience as I am a housewife living in Pakistan and willing to do something by myself. When I started thinking about how to earn money online in the comfort of my home, it was a time when I had no concept of even a single way of earning money online. If you are reading this article has the same situation, no need to worry I will guide you from zero levels. You can get success only if you have a high determination of earning money from online sources then you can get it. Earning money online is not much easy as most people assume but not much difficult. Hard work, consistency, patience, and determination will help you to succeed in earning money online. You must have Computer/Laptop as well as a permanent internet connection which is not difficult nowadays. View these given ways of online earning in Pakistan and choose one according to your interest. Each way of earning I will explain each to you according to the best of my knowledge from the beginning.


What is freelancing? This is a most common question for those who want to earn online money and listen to Freelancer word thousands of times but they don’t know what is freelancing. Freelancing is a platform or a website where people can earn money by using their skills. For example, if a person has good knowledge of graphic design, he can get work from all around the world related to graphical designing on freelancing websites. Similarly, if a person is good at writing articles or any type of writing skill he can go to freelancing websites and start to earn money. I hope you understood what is freelancing now I am going to tell you about freelancing websites. When we talk about freelancing websites there are many i.e. Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, and Elance. If you are a beginner and belong to Pakistan I will recommend you Fiverr. Make your account on Fiverr or any other website and start earning money right now. Make a strong profile, having a strong profile means more chances to get work there. You can withdraw your money by Payoneer cards or skrill which is available for Pakistanis. In Pakistan, thousands of people earn millions of rupees monthly.


The Second most recommended way of earning is Blogging. Now, the still same question arises in the mind of newcomers what is blogging? “Blogging means running a website to earn money” and a person who does blogging is called a blogger. Now you are thinking about how we can earn money by just running a website. I am still here to explain this in detail because I am also a Blogger and running the website fashionkidunyaa.com. People who do blogging first purchase a website and then share their ideas on it. The audience gets knowledge from their given articles or posts in return Google show ads of different brands on their sites and in return gives money to that person. Ilmkiduniya.com and Urdupoint.com are two popular websites in Pakistan earning above 1 cruor rupee in one month. Blogging you can do as a full-time or part-time to earn money but it takes time to stand a website and earn a proper income monthly time it takes a few months or sometimes years. Choose a single topic for the website and write a post with continuity when Google ranks your posts on the 1st page and people start to see your post you can apply for Google AdSense to earn proper income. I hope you understood what blogging is. I also started blogging when I don’t know anything about this I got help from hundreds of YouTube videos related to blogging which help me a lot.

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Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

Vlogging is posting short videos for your audience or maintaining a vlog. In vlogging, you make videos about what you know to help others. It is just like blogging, in blogging you write your knowledge to help others, whereas in Vlogging you speak or make a video to deliver your knowledge to others. For example, if you are good at artists then you can start making videos on art and design and deliver or share your knowledge with others. There are different platforms to start vlogging i.e YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo. You can start your channel on YouTube or any other given platform. When you succeed a limit of your viewers you will be able to show ads on your channel’s videos and will be able to earn money. One benefit of making a YouTube channel is that, no need to have high qualifications you just have a single skill to start. It also takes some time to stand a channel for proper income. Your consistency and hard work much important but you can do it. Today people like to see videos instead of reading lengthy articles on google. In Pakistan, hundreds of females and males are running their own channels and earning adequate money from them. Hurry up don’t waste your time and start now. You can get help with YouTube videos about vlogging.

Article Writing

Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

article writing is one of the best ways to earn money online in Pakistan especially if you are a student. Article writing is written for some audience, which means you are writing something for the knowledge of others or sharing your thoughts with others. Article writing may be for newspapers or magazines blogs or journals. People, especially in Pakistan, though this is much more difficult and only experts can write something wrong, no one has this skill from childhood. It is just a boundary between the thought of writing something and actual writing. I also was in the same situation for 3 years when I thought about writing articles and finally one day I started and become good after several attempts. At that time I had the proper qualification and will to write but there was hesitation about how can I write for others, but I started and now thanks to Allah I can write what you are reading right now. Now it’s time for you, to start writing your material not copy others after two to three attempts you will be able to write properly. Now you are thinking about what to write, it’s up to you for the practice you can write about current issues. After a short practice in writing on MS word go to the internet and search for people who are seeking article writers hope you will get it soon. After learning article writing you can go to different plat farms like you can do freelancing I already explained above in this post or you can start your blog or many other platforms to earn millions of rupees by article writing.

Academic writing

Academic writing can only be done by a well-educated person or scholar who has the best knowledge about what he is writing. Academic writing requires proper evidence of its talk and citation. It includes essay writing, assignments, dissertations, a thesis, and many more. If you are well educated or have good knowledge of science or art books you can choose this field. In online academic writing, a client gives some topic and you have to do it within a given period of time. In Pakistan, thousands of well-educated girls and boys earn money through academic writing. I also have experience in academic writing that’s why explaining this to you. There are many websites available where you just have to make an account with complete info and earn money by submitting essays and assignments. Customwritings.com, writers. ph and Writerbay are popular websites for academic writing as well as freelancing websites are the source of getting work regarding academic writing. You can also get local clients in Pakistan on Facebook pages related to academic writing and you can work for them and can make proper money. You can also get clients around the world by making a strong profile on LinkedIn and getting people who are seeking academic writers.

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E-Book Writing

This opportunity is only for a well-educated person or a good writer. You can earn money by writing your books and can sell them on the internet. Today in the era of the internet, people also love to read books on their home devices. People don’t have a big collection of books in their homes; they prefer to read online books to go to the market in search of a specific book. There are different platforms from where people get eBooks like amazon (the biggest e-books platform). You can write a book according to your knowledge and interest. Books may be on a single topic or may contain several topics related to each other. I will repeat one thing if you are a beginner and don’t know how to write or how to write books you just have to start writing now or immediately. The wait will make you two steps back from what you want to do. Once you started all doors will be open for you one after the other and soon you will get success in your goal. You can also make your website and upload directly your books in this way you can get a lot of money.

Data entry

Earn money online through Data entry seems to be very easy but in reality, it is not. First of all, it takes much time to enter data and clients pay very less after a long time of work. Another thing related to data entry is that in countries like Pakistan no. of fraud is seen who offer data entry jobs. I also advise you to be aware of scammers. A data entry job is good for those who have fewer qualifications and are not good in English that’s why they cannot choose another way to earn money online. If you are not good in English and want a data entry job only seek work from freelancing websites from where you can earn good through data entry. In Fiverr and Upwork thousands of international clients are available that pay well for long-time data entry jobs. One more tip for you is if you choose to earn money by data entry, you should do a computer course in which typing speeds can be increased. Make a good profile on Fiverr and up to work to get data entry work you will soon succeed by the grace of Allah.

Affiliate Marketing

Another best idea to earn money online is affiliate marketing. Most of us didn’t know what is affiliate marketing. Even I knew about it for one year and now I am planning to work as an affiliate marketer. It is a profitable idea to earn money with minimum struggle. You just have to promote or sell the products of other companies that are selling online through your source in return you will get your commission. Affiliate marketing mostly can do who have their traffic source at their websites and their apps or YouTube Chanel. For this, you have to select the products which have high demand or choose good brands. In an affiliate, a marketing advertiser gives a commission to the affiliate marketer at pay-per-click or pay-per-sale depending on the deal. It also takes some time, but if you have a high-traffic source on the website or an app, you can smartly monthly.

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Social Media

As you know how much social media is popular these days. People use social media apps to get entertainment daily. I hope you also use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also earn money through these social media profiles. Create your page on Facebook or Instagram and start promoting it. As high you have followers higher the chances to make money more. If you have above 10K or above page likes or followers on your page you can make money. So it is time to start now if you have not started earning money yet. Make your page on any social media app and make an active member of it to build a community. After making your community on your page all sources 0f making money will be open for you one after the other. You can sell or promote your products to start your own business and promote the products of others and get your commission which is known as affiliate marketing. Another big option for making money from here is that you become a partner of a youtube channel owner and get money from that person by promoting their videos on your page. You can also start your Chanel but it takes a long time. Be patient if you are starting now but after achievement, you become interstellar in yourself.

Making a Website or App

Another common way of earning money is to make an app or make websites. For this purpose you should learn computer languages like C++ or Visual Basic then you will be able to make your website and any mobile app or games app. These websites you can sell and get money from the purchaser. Moreover, you will get a smart amount from the purchaser each year to continue the website. After making your app you can make it go live on the Google play store and can monetize it to earn proper income from it. Select a unique idea to make an app to earn more money. I have little knowledge about it because it’s not my job or experience if you want to choose this field you can get hundreds of videos related to how to earn money from websites or apps.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • You must have to avoid scammers and frauds that offer high money for an online job.
  • You must have to consistent while using any method of earning money online.
  • Be patient making money online takes some time but you will be able to earn a good amount soon.
  • Never lose your heart, confidence, or hope while earning money.
  • Be aware of scam websites or local Pakistanis who made you fool and didn’t play according to you.
  • Never invest money in online earning, there is no way of earning which requires investment.

Note: You can ask any question related to any way of earning in the comment section. I hope you completely understand how to earn money online in Pakistan. Also, share your opinion in the comment box to make me superior.

Best Wishes!