Top 10 Makeup brands available in Pakistan 2023

Makeup is the most important thing in girls’ shopping. Beauty not only appears through your clothing but also depends on your face look. No doubt Beauty care products play a considerable role in your beauty and make you younger. Both men and ladies always seeking good quality cosmetics to enhance their beauty. But how to choose the best quality makeup is most significant because you can never compromise your skin at least. Pakistani markets are full of cosmetic brands but here I will share with you top-quality brands that are available in Pakistani markets. Here we are going to share with you the Top 10 Makeup brands available in Pakistan. These all brands provide good quality makeup that also protects your skin from harm.

1. Mussarat Misbah

Mussarat Misbah is a top-quality makeup brand become very popular in Pakistan’s cosmetics market. Masarrat Makeup is best known for its halal-certified cosmetics and Cruelty-free makeup that is well growing with its leading demand. They produce the best quality makeup products and beauty care products. Despite its good quality, it is also available in the rates of customers range. Its foundation has outstanding reviews from its customers. In Pakistan, it is available in high-class supermarkets and all body shops in the mall plus you can also buy it online.

2. Rimmel

Top 10 Makeup brands available in Pakistan

Rimmel is a London-based brand and is very popular around the world due to its good quality products. It is a reliable beauty brand with a top place in makeup markets. Also easily available in Pakistan. Rimmel gains most of the interest of its customers in a very little period. High-quality material is used in their products after the process of the quality test in the lab. All Cosmetic lovers must include this brand in their beauty products shopping basket. Its rates are also really moderate in the approach of their regular customers.

3. Atiqa Odho

Top 10 Makeup brands available in Pakistan

Atiqa Odho is an excellent organization in the world that produces the best quality makeup products. It has healthy skin-care results while you are using a full-day makeup of this brand. Atiqa Odho cosmetics are very popular among ladies. In Pakistan, it is available in almost all cosmetic shops and hypermarkets. It is really in the approach of its customers in rates. It provides all makeup products even for minor use.


Sweet touch is made by a London makeup brand. It was first time launched in 2001 and become very famous in a very short period and has positive feedback. Its products are used all around the world. Its products give a long-lasting fresh look. It is the choice of women who are conscious of their beauty. Its nail beauty products i.e nail paints became the biggest-selling brand of nail colors. It produces several beauty care products and makeup products. It includes lip pencils and lip pencils blush on, foundations, lip glosses, and many other eye makeup products.


Rivaj UK is one of the top-class cosmetic brands working since 1978. It’s a leading brand providing high-quality makeup products. It is available in Pakistan as well. It produces the products according to its customer’s requirements. It is reachable in a customer approach. Its products include eyeliner, mascara, lipsticks, nail polish, and all beauty products.

6. L’Oreal

L’Oreal is a French company and its beauty products are used throughout the world. It is a top-choice brand among all makeup lovers. It is a very old company founded in 1909, at the start it was making hair shading products only afterward did it extend its business and started making other beauty products. Now it is producing high-quality makeup products, skin-care products, perfumes, and hair-care products. Its products are also available in Pakistani cosmetic stores.


It is an American cosmetics brand working since 1996. Its products include several faces and body products but it is mostly known for its naked collection. It is sold in large departmental stores in the US. In Pakistan also it is not easily available but can be purchased by large hypermarkets infamous cities of Pakistan. It can also be purchased from its official website It is a relatively expensive brand in the cosmetics market.


Clinique makeup and cosmetics company was founded in 1968 and produces high-quality products for its customers. Clinique is one of the top makeup brands providing the best quality products. It is also an American brand producing skin care, beauty products, perfumes, and all other cosmetics. Its products are only available in large departmental stores in Pakistan.


Cover girl is the top American brand in the fashion industry. This makeup company was established in 1999. It provides a large variety of products. Its products are always part of the front desk of the fashion industry. Its rates are not too high like other top branded makeup companies but it never compromises with the quality. Its products are also available in Pakistan with an easy customer approach.

10. AVON

This is also a top-quality makeup brand founded in 1886. Its products include makeup products, clothing, perfumes, and toys. Its annual sale was $5.7 billion in 2016. Its products are also available in high cosmetics stores in Pakistan. It is an excellent organization and its products are used in more than 140 countries including Pakistan.


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