Top 10 Makeup Brands for Online Shopping in Pakistan 2023

Some highly renowned makeup brands only offer premium quality makeup products that do not harm the skin, however, finding these branded products in Pakistan is quite difficult. You may end up getting your hands on local and low-quality products that harm your skin as well as make you look dull because of unhealthy ingredients.

These makeup brands have gained the loyalty of customers because of their continuous offering of high-quality products that enhance beauty. As there are lots of copies of these branded products that you may end up getting, or you have to ask somebody to bring good quality makeup for you from abroad.


But now it all just becomes so easy! With online shopping in Pakistan, you can get original products guaranteed without any hassle. Here, we share the lists of some makeup brands that are highly renowned for their high quality and are easily available in Pakistan as well.


The fastest-growing brand Nyx Cosmetics has brought a whole range of classic and trendy makeup products. Nyx has been widely known all around the world for its diverse range of lip shades that are highly pigmented and give a perfect velvety matte finish. The lip shades by Nyx are best for everyday wear as they are extremely lightweight and non-sticky. Other than this, it offers vivid shades of eye palettes, liquid illuminators, mascara, setting spray, and much more.

All the products of Nyx are highly affordable and extremely rich in pigment. It’s a bit challenging to find Nyx’s original products in the local market however you can order its products from online stores.

E.l.f Cosmetics

The name “eyes, lips, face” itself represents that it is a makeup brand. E.l.f offers prestige quality makeup products including lip creams, eyeliners, face foundations for different skin types, and more at highly reasonable prices. You can always find a primer from e.l.f. that will work for your skin type, whether it is combination, dry, oily, sensitive, or mature. E.l.f launches a huge number of new products every year which makes it different from others. So if you are a person who tends to spend less but looks for quality, This is the makeup brand for you to keep you up best with trends!

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However, most people in Pakistan are not aware of this brand, but the ones who are familiar know how much the products of elf cosmetics are worth. Elf is one of the fastest-growing makeup brands and what makes it stand out different from others is, all the products of E.l.f are cruelty-free and 100% vegan.

Loreal Paris

It is impossible that anybody doesn’t know this name. Loreal offers a vast range of high-quality makeup products that are widely spread throughout the world. From face products like foundations, serums, lipsticks, and mascaras, to hair products including hair sprays, shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, etc, loreal has covered all aspects of beauty. Moreover, it also offers soft makeup brushes that blend the makeup well. Undoubtedly, Loreal is a globally known company also known as the largest cosmetic brand in the world.

In Pakistan, you can easily find Loreal products but you have to be careful because of fake copies of products in the market. However, you can easily find original high-quality Loreal products from the best online shopping website in Pakistan, to satisfy your beauty standards. This brand encourages women to live the best by providing easily accessible and luxurious beauty products.

Urban Decay

Maybe you are not familiar with this brand name, but not with the iconic NAKED palette! Urban Decay is also a great makeup brand that offers unique makeup collections that give perfect edgy vibes. If you are looking for something bold and dazzling, this brand is for you!

With the mission of providing innovative makeup products with statement textures and colors, Urban Decay continues to grow only upward and onwards in the market. However, the NAKED palette is really up-to-mark to date and definitely a must-have item for one’s vanity bag.


The brand makes its products with premium quality and becomes essential for the professional makeup industry. Mac is currently one of the leading makeup brands with a vast range of goods as well as services. Mac not only offers luxury makeup products, a range of skincare products, and perfumes, but it also provides services with beauty seminars, tutorials, and in-house makeovers.

With the perspective of focusing on the customer’s demand, the brand creates highly innovative and trendy products that change makeup standards. Whether it’s for professional purposes or for personal use, Mac is the best to pick, as it’s quite affordable and gives a natural and full coverage finish.

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The best part about his brand is all the products are cruelty-free and even they donate a part of the profits for securing animal rights. Sephora always comes out with luxurious products that hold the spot in the makeup routine. The Vanish seamless foundation stick is one of the best sellers of this brand which is easy to use, creamy in texture, lightweight, corrects the complexions, and covers the dark spots.

The brand products have never been found in Pakistan, nor have found fake versions in the market. However, you can manage to buy Sephora products from reliable online stores that guarantee the originality of the product.

Rimmel London

The brand is well known for its emphasis on London style adaption that reflects through its range of vivid hues and daring makeup products. Rimmel London provides high-quality beauty and makeup products like foundations, mascaras, eyeshadows, and lipsticks that are easily affordable for anyone and are available for different skin types. This brand is best for sensitive skin types as it gives a dewy finish with a healthy instant glow, moreover, all the products of Rimmel London are dermatologically tested.

Rimmel is an inexpensive go-to choice for women to make beauty fixtures quickly. In Pakistan, Rimmel products can be found in stores but without surety, if it’s original or not. Ordering Rimmel products online is the best way to get your hands on only original products.


Maybelline has been always on the list of best make brands in the world because of its range of premium quality makeup products that have become mandatory for the vanity bag of every fashionista. From mascara and lip shades, eye palettes, and hydrating foundations are widely loved by women from all over the world.

The benchmark that Maybelline has set with Fit-Me foundations is unmatchable, as this foundation range is available in 24 different shades. No matter what complexion you have or what type of skin undertone you own, you still be able to find a Fit Me foundation that perfectly matches your skin. The products of Maybelline are highly reasonable, extremely versatile, and totally worth it. However, online shopping in Pakistan with free home delivery makes it more pocket friendly.

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Nars’s products are nearly impossible to find in Pakistan, but undoubtedly the best match for Pakistani skin tone. Its unmatchable range of highly pigmented blushes that gives the perfect blend of pink and peach becomes a staple of the makeup vanity of every woman. The creamy concealer, radiant foundation, matte lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and more are long-lasting and available in a range of shades that complement Pakistani skin tones.

You can find Nars products online in Pakistan as there is no outlet, just look for a reputable seller to ensure that you are getting original products. Because of its diverse range of versatile makeup, Nars has become the fashion-forward brand that people are appealing to so much.

Bobbi Brown

If you haven’t heard the name Bobbi Brown, then you are definitely missing the best beauty products currently. The brand has designed its range of makeup products to enhance natural beauty instead of covering and concealing the natural look. The products are designed for long-lasting wear so that you can enjoy a makeup look all day long with no touch-up hassles.

All the Bobbi Brown products are formulated with skincare ingredients that benefit the skin with vitamins and antioxidants. Its diverse range of shades ensures that people with different skin tones can find suitable products that match their complexion perfectly.


These are the top 10 makeup brands that you can shop online in Pakistan in order to avoid getting fake copies. All these brands are rich in quality and low in price, however, if you still find them a little expensive, buying makeup from these brands is worth the investment. These brands help you to find the perfect makeup that works best on your skin as well as on your budget.

You can order online any makeup products from these brands easily. Moreover, you can find original branded products cheaper when purchasing online than in-store fake copies. There are no better makeup brands that are high in quality and low in price than these. However, if you haven’t tried any of these brands, you should do it now!

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