Top 10 Men’s Formal Shoes Brands in the World 2023

No doubt without shoes your outlook is incomplete. It also matters a lot that your shoes are according to the occasion and your dress. You can’t wear casual shoes on special occasions. Not only women but men also have a variety of choices in their wardrobe. Casual shoes are the most important for working men as they must have to wear formal shoes for the office, board meetings, black tie events, cocktail parties, and black tie events. Formal shoes are mostly made of leather, but they developed into a range of styles appropriate for both formal and uniform. Hope this article will help you the most in choosing the best shoe brand for formal or office shoes. These brands offer high quality long-lasting formal shoes. These brands offer a wide variety of shoes in oxford, brogue, and derby styles. These shoes are no doubt costly but easy to carry and can be used even for decades without any complaint.

Johnston & Morphy

Mens Formal Shoes Brands in the World

Johnston and Morphy is an American shoe and clothing brand. It is actually the beacon of American style. The company made a start in 1850 in America by making quality footwear for men, women, and children. Their shoes are highly durable and made with quality materials. Now the brand is operating in the US and 91 other foreign countries. It is actually the subsidiary of Genesco brand which is a shoe and apparel-making company. Their target is to provide a standard for successful, professional men everywhere in the world.


The Testoni shoe brand is based in Italy and working since 1929. Their shoes with elite designs and unique creations that represent Italian excellence worldwide. His founder Testoni made a start by making Bolognese when he learned about the important secret of the craftsmen of Bolognese. The PIUMA RAPID” PATENT, the Bolognese construction, and an elegant border on the upper side of the cap toe are unique things that can be observed in most of their pieces. About 200 manual steps are required for a single shoe of the a.testoni brand shoe.

Louis Vuitton

Mens Formal Shoes Brands in the World

Louis Vuitton or LV is a French-based fashion brand known since 1854. Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s top leading fashion brands. LV earned the credit for being the world’s most valuable luxury brand for six years from 2006 to 2012. The company is now operating in 50 worldwide countries with above 460 outlets.  A single pair of shoes goes through 150 shoemakers before going to the market for sale. They have also offered shoemaking in order at their outlets since 2011. Now they also offer women’s shoes, sneakers, moccasins, and men’s classic shoe collection.


Berluti is also a big name when we talk about men’s formal shoes. Berluti is an Italy-based brand that came into being in 1895. Now its headquarter is present in Paris, France. According to this brand”, you cannot be elegant if you are not comfortable and well shod.” It is also the subsidiary of the LVHM group.  Material which is used by Berluti shoes includes premium calfskin that gives great durability to your feet and suede which give an aesthetic that’s worth the effort. Berluti shoes are specially designed with cushioned insoles and leather lining which gives more comfort to your feet.


Gucci is a well-known brand name famous around the world. It was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921. This brand made many records as compared to other brands in the same list. Now above 300 stores are present in different countries on the world scale. It is also credited with the most searches of this brand as compared to other brands in the world. Their men’s formal shoe collection was loved to be worn by businessmen. Their shoes are more durable and can be used for up to one decade or more without any complaints.


Fendi is an Italian-based luxury fashion brand established in 1925. This brand is famous in the world for its fur and leather production. Now Fendi has been spread over 200 centuries around the world. It is a subsidiary of the LVHM group. Fendi shoes are pieces of fine Italian craftsmanship with attention to every delicate detail that is its property. Its formal shoe production is always loved by working people as they are more comfortable and easy to carry for long-time wearing.

Allen Edmonds

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Allen Edmonds is an American upscale shoe industry. The company made started in 1922 in Belgium, United States. They made their shoes in the US and Italy. 98% of their sale is only made in the US and only 2 percent in other countries. Allen Edmonds offers premium men’s footwear made with only premium quality leather and is handcrafted through the 212-step process before going to market for sale. They offer international free shipping on their official website.


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Prada is an Italian luxury fashion brand most famous for its leather bags and shoe production. Prada is serving since 1913 and its founder is Mario Prada. Now this brand has been spread with over 618 boutiques worldwide. They offer a wide range of dress shoe designs including a collection of oxford shoes, loafers, and Cordovan Cap-Toe dress shoes. Prada office soles are more comfortable with single-layer leather and are easy to carry for long-time office jobs. Their prices are a little high due to its big-name but the quality is sure.


Timberland is a footwear and apparel manufacturer and retailer company based in America. People in the world loved to wear timberland shoes for outdoor use. Timberland has 85 outlets in the US, 34 outlets in the UK, and over 90 outlets in other countries around the world. Timberland is working around the world with over 5000 employees working under this brand. Timberland shoes are definitely more stylish, never die out and these shoes are actually comfortable in use.

Bruno Magli

Braun Magli is an Italian shoe brand working since 1936. Bruno Magli is most famous for its leather goods for both men and women. This brand was started on a small scale by three siblings and now it has been expanded to over forty retail stores located in America, Australia, China, and Europe. Bruno Magli’s headquarter is present in New York City but its products will continue to be planned and manufactured in Italy. Their shoes have unique properties including quality uppers and lining with Italian leather in their soles, having a high level of artistry.


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