Top 10 News Channels in Pakistan 2023

In Pakistan, News channels play a crucial role to urge knowledge about what’s happening in our country. Many people in Pakistan are concerned about each and every second of the news. According to the research, 75% of people are concerned about daily news and the remainder of others don’t care about it. We’ll say that remainder of individuals is uninterested in negativity. News channels spread tons of negativity in our society. The Media is additionally slaved by the few politicians of our country. We cannot say about any News channel is a neutral channel.

All the News channels must be connected to one specific party. Thus, in a fashion, every news channel is crowded with candidates or the public of political parties that are associated with a priority news channel. Business people are often benefited alright by the news channels. They’re going to watch the status of the market all around the World. It’ll be faster because of knowing these situations as newspapers show every day before the news. For understanding we will say that they’re going to see the most recent points is we know the worth of gold, and silver and thus the shares of various companies and their values because of news channels. It helps the business to increase parity. So it’ll be good for business people to possess a careful look over news channels.

Geo News

Geo News is one of the famous news channels in Pakistan with millions of viewers. This news channel is owned by jhung group of newspapers and is one of the reliable channels providing exact and accurate information to its viewers. They provide whole information about what is going on in the country and what is actually true.

Dawn News

It is a well famous Pakistani news channel providing exact and accurate news to its viewers. Dawn news channel podcasts its transmitting since 2007 and still surviving with a good reputation in the country. It provides its transmission in Pakistan only but updates its viewers with correct news from the world.


 This news channel began in 2008. This channel is known for a Centre-right of stories policy and orientation, which mirrors the foremost of individuals in socio-political-economic views of our country’s people. In addition to providing the right information, Dunya news offers the most famous talk shows like Mazaq rat and hasb e hal both loved to view by all ages of Pakistani people.


This news channel covered the top Centre news about sports, business, entertainment, and politics. ABB TAKK news channel is an Urdu-language channel with two main channels 24/7 news and current affairs. The group which owns this channel also runs three other channels which are based on Punjabi-language which is 24/7 news and current affairs, the APNA channel, and two music channels 8XM and Jalwa.


SAMAA TV is Pakistan’s first private news channel that gives live transmission simultaneously from five cities of Pakistan: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta and Peshawar. SAMAA is also leading channel working on innovative journalism initiatives that have user-generated content through its (


ARY News allows offering a global selection of extraordinary insights on different topics starting from politics, business and finance, money, and stock exchange to fashion entertainment and weather updates. The online site also goes with short blogs and exciting features that contribute to competent writers and renowned journalists for the channel.


 BOL News is one of the largest news platforms. It is Pakistan’s number-one news channel known for its quality programs and authentic news. It’s Pakistan’s most trusted channel that not only covers news and updates related to Pakistan but also from around the World.


 Express News is an Urdu language Pakistani newscast channel based in Karachi. This channel was launched on 1st January 2008. This channel is owned by the country’s third third-largest Urdu daily, and daily Express. This channel is owned by the country’s third-largest channel Urdu daily and daily express.


It is a 24-hour News channel owned by the TV Corporation of Pakistan. PTV News could also be a cable and satellite news channel which was launched in the face of tough international competition. Its objective is to provide updated news around the clock and informs its viewers across the country on the foremost recent newsworthy happenings on the national and international levels.

92 News HD

92 News Hd is only a single news channel providing HD results. 92 news started in 2015 and got high fame over the years and is now included in top viewed channels. Its transmission can also be seen outside the country like in the Middle East, America, UAE, UK, Ireland, South Asia, and India.


 As we know, the news is a more important thing to be learned about past information and up-to-date affairs at the national also at international levels. It gives us all types of knowledge regarding every sector like weather, politics, health, entertainment, games, and necessary information. Pakistani Media, mainly because of this affair happening nowadays is spreading everywhere in the World.

According to the report and knowledge, our media possess the very best 3 Pakistani News Channels: ARY New, SAMMA, and Duniya news. News channels are usually a central neighborhood of TV entertainment, and there is nobody who likes to observe TV can say that he never watches the news. Now everyone in this World tries to possess something which is regarding or gaining the latest knowledge in different fields. News is essential in any field as they create us aware of the latest trends, changes, and thus the conditions of the whole World, and we update ourselves through what is going on.

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