Top 10 Shoe Brands for Men in Pakistan 2023

Shoes are much important as they leave a lasting impression on others. Men use to go outside most of the time sometimes in meetings, for business or duty, for parties, or for daily outings so they always should select quality shoes. Good quality shoes are not only necessary for a good impression but also for comfort in taking steps. Comfortable shoes give more confidence in your look and a person feels fresh all the time. You can also find out Top Sports or Running Shoe Brands in the world. Today here we are sharing with you the list of the Top 10 shoe brands for men in Pakistan.


Bata shoes Canadian multinational footwear company one of the oldest brands that still exists with a high reputation. Bata Shoes Company came into being in 1894 in Austria. Now the company has expanded over the world with 5300 outlets in more than 70 different countries. In Pakistan people also love to wear Bata shoes. In Pakistan, Bata school shoes are mostly used to sell and are loved and worn by school students. Bata shoes are of high quality and are famous for durability. They offer less variety in design or less stylish shoes but never compromise the quality of shoes. In Pakistan bata is most recommended for school shoes and for long-time office shoes.


Borjan is one of the most popular shoe companies which is part of RAFUM GROUP. Borjan footwear offers a wide range of footwear with exclusive designs ranging from modern to stylish and classic. They offer shoes for men and women, bags, and accessories that are all unique in their style and quality. In Pakistan, men mostly like to wear these brands of shoes as they provide a wide range of formal or office shoes. Their outlets are easily available in all cities of Pakistan as their 112 outlets are present in 56 different small and big cities of Pakistan. Now they expand their business outside Pakistan, and their outlets are also present in UAE.

Hush Puppies

Hushpuppies is an American-based international shoe brand. Hushpuppies Shoes Company was established in 1958 in the US. In Pakistan, Hush Puppies Works Under the license of Wolverine Worldwide and sells the original hush puppies shoes. The company offers a wide variety of men, women, and children’s shoes. The company is selling its footwear in more than 165 countries around the world plus offers online shopping around the world. They provide shoes with high comfort soft and relaxed footwear so you can take can step with full confidence while wearing these shoes. They update their business with the latest feel-good styles every season.


Servis made a start in Lahore in 1941 by making bags and other sports goods. In 1954 they made a proper start of the company 1954 by starting a shoemaking plant in Lahore and proper marketing started in 1959. By the time of its establishment company going flourished and now it becomes one of the top leading shoe brands in Pakistan. They offer shoes for your complete family for every age. The company has expanded over 500 retail outlets and 1500 liberated sellers. Their unique shoe design and up-to-date style trends attract everyone. Servis shoe outlets are available in all small and big cities of Pakistan.

Fayva shoes

Fayva is one of the high-quality shoe manufacturing brands selling their shoes since 1975. The company operates in hundreds of countries and they bound their customers for a long time due to strict quality control of their shoes. They export superior quality shoes with a huge variety of formal and semi-formal men’s shoes. High-quality raw materials, export processing, and good quality assurance are the reasons for their high reputation. In Pakistan, their outlets are present in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Gujranwala, Hyderabad, Gujrat, Peshawar, and Karachi.

Unze London

Unze London was established in 1989 in the UK. Since the time of its establishment, they earned high popularity mainly in UK and Pakistan. Their products ship to countries worldwide. They basically provide shoes for men women and kids. Their shoes and bags are beautifully crafted by their experts by using high-quality fabric. Their vibrant colors and styles make their products glamorous. Unze men’s shoes are available in a vast range variety from casual to formal.


If you are in search of handcrafted unique pair of shoes Arino is the best for men. They provide shoes for each pair handcrafted by their experts. High-quality leather material is used in the preparation process of Arino shoes. They offer their customers to look traditional and stay comfortable by wearing their shoes. They deal with various sizes, shapes, and colors to make a pair of shoes outstanding in it. In Pakistan, these shoes are available in stores and online.

Urban Sole

If you are looking for premium quality shoes Urban sole is one of them. This brand is providing its high-quality shoes since 1998. Every pair is handcrafted with good quality genuine and incomparable leathers. With high quality and the latest unique styles, these shoes are not much expensive. Urban sole is now competing with other Pakistan’s leading shoe brands with their long-time durability and styles. They offer shoes for men, women, and kids. They have outlets in 21 different cities in Pakistan.


Epcot is one of the leading men’s shoe brands in Pakistan. Epcot shoes offer high-quality leather shoes and sandals with surprising craftsmanship. The beautifully designed casual and formal shoes with high comfort and in a range of styles according to the latest trends. Their shoes are long-lasting comfortable having high durability. You can get Epcot shoes at their outlets as well as online shop from different sites including Amazon.

Shoe Planet

Show planet is the latest shoe brand that took its first step in the markets of Pakistan in 2012 with its first outlet in Lahore. Now, this brand got famous in all the big cities of Pakistan. They offer a wide range of innovative and experimental designs for women, men, and kids. They are operating in 14 cities in Pakistan. They provide fashionable, current, and speak of brilliant styles in each season. This is all best for men who want quality shoes for long-time office duty.

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