Top 10 Shoe Brands in the UAE 2023

Shoes not only protect your feet but also help to define your personality. Daily millions of people go to the market to buy shoes from a big collection of different styles and colors. Some people buy shoes without any purpose as they want a large collection in their cubed others to buy for some specific purpose like for playing, for a walk or for office use, etc. Here is an article that helps you to know the best shoe Brands in the UAE if you are in the UAE. These shoe brands are very famous in UAE and also trendy and demanding Shoe Brand in UAE.

1. Chic

Chic is a UAE-based Luxury Shoe Brand famous for its design, durability, and genuine leather. Their promise is to provide a unique experience of online shopping with a huge product range but, nevertheless, easy to choose from. Their shoe fashion experience enables us to offer quality products imported from mainly Europe and other parts of the world at amazing prices. Chic also offers classic and trendy bags, available in a wide range of designs and styles. May it be posh minaudieres, clutch bags, tote bags, sling bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, or traveling bags, Chic certainly has it.

2. Convers Shoes

Convers is an American-based shoe brand famous for producing skating shoes and lifestyle brand footwear and apparel. Its founder was Marquis Mills Converse that’s why named Convers. Convers brand was founded in 1908, now it has been a subsidiary of Nike since 2003. It has more than 100 outlets in the US and many spreading worldwide. At the start, this company was famous for producing athletic shoes later on it become famous as American Court shoes. As UAE is becoming the most visited country you can see Convers outlets in most of the Malls.

3. Nike Shoes

Nike is an American-based multinational corporation famous for producing skating shoes. This company was founded in 1964. Now they are famous for producing Apparel, Accessories, and Sports equipment. Its logo is a sign of a tick that its recognition can be seen on its products. You can easily purchase Nike products in UAE as available all over the country. This brand not only produces shoes for men, women, and children but also sports clothing and other accessories. This brand serves all over the world. In UAE its outlet is available in almost all big and small shopping malls.

4. Dior Shoes


Dior is one of the world’s largest groups of industries having headquarters in Paris France. This company started producing luxury goods. Its founder’s name was Christine Dior. It started in 1946 and now they produce fashion accessories, footwear, leather products, jewelry, fragrance, and makeup products. Now they are serving in a worldwide area. You can also buy their shoes from anywhere in the UAE.

5. Aldo Shoes

 Aldo is a Canadian group producing quality shoes and accessories. The company was founded by Aldo Bensadoun in 1972. Girls especially love to wear their products. With the passage of time business, has grown up and they are serving worldwide with 3000 outlets. Aldo was first time introduced in UAE in 2001 with its first outlet opening in Abu Dhabi Mall. Now a total of 27 outlets are present in all states of the UAE.

6. Beegulf Shoes

It is an international brand of ALVINA GENERAL TRADING L.L.C., U.A.E established in 2002. Beegulf is one of the best wholesalers of various casuals, shoes, ladies’ & men’s footwear in UAE. They import quality shoes and other leather products from different countries and never compromise quality. They have basic stores in the UAE and they have a supply chain to different countries including UAE, Bahrain, KSA, Oman, and Kuwait. You can also buy bee products easily from UAE.

7. Sketchers


Sketchers is a shoemaking company that designs shoes according to the American lifestyle style. Sketchers Company was established in 1998 and is based in the US. Its headquarter present in California. With the passage of time, this brand has grown up and become the largest athletic foot brand in the US. Now they are producing athletic and casual shoes for men, women, and children. In UAE it becomes popular to wear these shoes as they have good quality and are more comfortable than other shoe brands in the market as well as affordable.

8. Level Shoes

Level Shoes offers luxurious and bespoke collections for their beloved customers. They provide a vast variety of shoes for ladies, gents, and children. In the UAE you can get their outlet in all big malls, especially in Dubai. They also sell accessories and small leather goods.

9. Gingers Shoes

Gingers brand is one of the top quality shoe stores for men only they started their first store one decade and now with the growing demand, they expand with the production of other accessories for men and clothing. Their items are a mixture of stylish, classic & practical products that can be choosing table for everyone. You can buy online gingers’ shoes from their online stores.

10. Clarks Shoes

Clarks is a British-based international shoe manufacturing company. It was established in 1825 in England and its basic office is still there. Now, this brand is expanded throughout the world with above 1000 franchises around the globe. Their most demanding shoe products include different styles named School shoes for boys, Joyance sandals, Desert Boot, Walla bee, and Desert Trek. Their outlets are easily available in UAE malls.


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