Good health is actually true wealth, so having a healthy diet plan and healthy food is a fundamental factor in a healthy life. Eating beneficial food affects our mental health along with physical health, having nourished, and balanced nutrition is essential, as they say, health is wealth. In Pakistan, there are many food industries that have been established to fulfill people’s everyday needs, like dairy products, spices, and juices. Some famous food companies in Pakistan that produce good quality food are as under. Some of these brands also working at the international level and competitors of worldwide brands.

Dalda Foods Private Limited

Dalda is a famous brand of vegetable oil and ghee. The brand was originated in India but later was established in Pakistan with the association of Unilever and became Pakistan’s biggest edible oil importer Westbury Group. Dalda oil and ghee gives your food exceptional taste while they also balance and check the health benefits. The brand has also launched the TV show ‘Dalda ka dastar khwan’ so consumers can learn recipes and practice them at home.

Nestle Pakistan 

Nestle Pakistan is among the best leading food companies. The vision of this company is ‘good food, good life’—the brand promise to magnify lives with the best food and beverages. Nestle produces dairy products, drinks, water bottles, baby food, coffee, culinary, and food. This company collects milk from 1, 90,000 framers from Sindh and Punjab; provide the nation with the most significant supply of milk. The product made in the company is fresh and creamy with nutrition.

Unilever Pakistan

Unilever Pakistan is one of the top FMCG companies in Pakistan working since 1948. It is also one of the multinational brands also operating in Pakistan. They offer a large number of consumer goods including Home & Personal Care, Food & Beverages. Lipton, Blue Band, and Walls are most famous in the food and drink category while fair & lovely beauty cream and sun silk are common in use as personal care products. 

Mitchell’s Fruits Farms Limited

Mitchell’s fruit farms limited is the oldest food company in Pakistan, founded in 1933 by Francis J. Mitchells. This company isn’t only expanding its products but also provide the best by maintaining the quality of their products. Making progress with every passing day this company is now becoming the largest food company in Pakistan. This company mostly produces sweet products like jam, jellies, toffee, chocolates, fruit nectar, candies, sweets, and squash.

Shan Foods Limited 

Shan food limited is the biggest spice company in Pakistan. It was established in 1981 on a tiny scale but soon became a brand of Pakistan. Shan is the biggest exporter of spices, desserts, and pickles in the Middle East and Europe. The spice gives real and sterling taste to the food making it delicious for the foodies out there. Shan kofta masala and shan Haleem masala are the most popular products of the shan company.

National Food Limited

National food limited is a multinational company in the field of packaged food products & Spices, which was established in 1970. Initially, it was the Spice Company, but with time, this company grew more products and becomes one of the largest food production companies in Pakistan. The vision of this company is to produce healthy food in less time, making their customers experience easy and enjoyable.

United Industries Limited

The producer of ‘Kashmir cooking oil and ghee’ is none other than the united industries limited (UIL) Pakistan. The company produces cholesterol and chemical-free oil enriched with vitamins, minerals, and additional nutrition. The company has three main oil products that are, Kashmir banaspati, Kashmir premium gold, Kashmir canola oil.


Omore is an ice cream brand manufacture by Engro foods limited. The company was established in 2004 and working on different products like dairy products, ice cream, fruits, juices, and rice products. Its dairy products, especially ice cream rich, creamy taste, fill with high nutritional content and a wide range of flavors. Omore has become a high reputation household name across Pakistan.  

Fauji Foods

Fauji food is one of the top food companies in Pakistan working since 1966. The company was previously owned by the noon group and now it is retained by the Fauji foundation Pakistan army group. The company producing a number of dairy and beverage products for which Nurpur and Dostea are more famous. It’s headquartered is present in Lahore. Fauji Food Company is also enlisted in the Pakistan stock exchange.

Gourmet Foods

Gourmet Foods is a famous name in Pakistan as the largest retail chain of food products. They made a start from a single shop in Lahore in 1987. With the passage of time and growing demand for its products, it has been expanded throughout the country with 7 processing units and hundreds of stores in all cities of Pakistan. They offer a chain of products including Baked and Unbaked Desserts, Pastries, Dairies Products, Sweets, Dairies, Fruit Jams & Jelly, Fruit Juices & Beverage Products plus Restaurant & Catering Service.


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