Top Shoes Brands in India 2023

The shoe is one thing that plays a big role in your appearance. It directly answers your personality. Like if you are going to attend an official meeting and do not wear dress shoes under formal dress you look very odd in the gathering. If you wear high-quality shoes you will be more attractive and it adds stars to your personality. So must choose Top Shoes Brands in India for your shoe wardrobe. The important segment in India is the footwear business where thousands of people are attached to this line. For their unique and stylish designs, India has the best footwear brands that are popular across the world. This is because India has several top footwear brands-both local and foreign.

The footwear segment consists of three categories Formal, Casual, and Sports shoes. Here is the list of top Shoe brands in India to help you all to know. Most of these brands are foreign but popular among Indians as these brands have a much high demand at the international level. 


CEO: Sandeep Kataria

Owner: Bata family

Founder: Tomas Bata

Headquarters: Switzerland

Founded: 24 August 1894

Revenue – 30.5 billion Indian rupees

Bata is India’s most popular shoe brand and one of the most used shoe brands. Bata India is the largest footwear retailer in India and a leading footwear manufacturer. Their shoes are highly durable and comfortable. You can find these shoes which are easily available at Bata shoe stores near you. Whether you are looking for classy heels or sleepers for formal shoes, bata has an affordable price. The company is the world’s largest shoemaker in terms of volume, with over 5,300 stores in more than 70 countries.


Founded: 25 January 1964

CEO: John Donahoe

Headquaters: United States

Revenue: 3740 crores USD

Founder: Phil knight, Bill Bowerman

Nike is one of the Indian footwear brands in the country and an American multinational corporation that designs, develops, manufactures, and sells footwear clothes, equipment, accessories, and services around the world. Nike is famous for its high-quality products and attractive designs. In 1964, it was founded that the original name of Nike was Blue Ribbon sports It is also a worldwide sports brand that also manufactures sportswear, t-shirts, tracksuits, etc.


Industries- Apparel and Fashion.

Type- Privately held

Founded- 1992

Revenue- INR 1,250 crore

Woodland is one of India’s most well-known companies which is famous for its good toughness. It is well-known for its high quality and it surely has the best variety of outdoor shoes. Their designs are unique, making a person feel and look unique, making a person feel and look attractive. Woodland shoes are famous for their durability even for decades. The company is well-known for the utmost leather material.


Founder- Rudolf Dasseler

Founded- 1948

CEO- Bjorn Gulden

Headquaters- Germany

Parent organizations- Artemis S.A

Revenue- 550 crores EUR

It is the third-largest sportswear producer. It is a German multinational firm that makes sports and casual footwear, clothes, and accessories. Puma Shoes Company produces fashionable and comfortable shoes. In India, it is the famous sports shoe brand that has the best sports shoe range in the world. Puma provides the highest quality sports shoes. Puma started its operations in India in 2005, and from then it has grown to become one of the most well-known shoe companies. As of 2017, it sells its products in over 120 countries.


Founder- Adolf Dassler

Founded- 18 August 1949

Headquaters- Germany

CEO- Kasper Rorsted

Number of employees- 57,016

Revenue- 2,191.5 crores EUR

It was founded by two German brothers in 1949.  Reebok, Taylormade, and Runtastic are three subsidiaries of the Adidas group. Adidas is Europe’s largest sportswear producer. It is the world’s second-largest after Nike. Adidas pays special attention to technical advancement, and in the end, creates one of the greatest sports shoe designs. They also design sneaker shoes with interesting styles that make you look stylish and comfortable.


reebok shoes

Founded- 1958

CEO- Matthew H.O’Toole

Headquarters- United States

Revenue- 1.41 billion EUR

Since August 2005, Reebok International Limited footwear has been a subsidiary of German sporting goods giant Adidas. Reebok manufactures and sells footwear for fitness, running, and CrossFit loved by most Indian sports players. The highlights of their footwear are high-quality material and classic shapes. You can easily buy Reebok shoes in your home. Reebok is a highly adaptable and relaxing brand. Reebok has a variety of the shoes like Men’s, women’s, girl’s, boy’s, classics, sports shoes, etc. Reebok is flexible, extremely comfortable, and airy


Headquaters- Karnal

Founded- 1954

Parent organization- Liberty Group

Revenue- 1,198 crores EUR

Liberty is a top shoe brand based in India. This brand is more than six decades old. Today they are making 50,000 pairs a day and becoming one of India’s leading shoe producers in the leather footwear industry. It has its special place amongst its customers. This brand has marked its presence in over 25 countries, including India.

Red Tape

Industries- Retail

Type- Public Company

Founded- 1996

Headquarter- India

Red Tape is India’s premier fashion brand producing high-quality shoes for men and women as well as sports shoes. They offer a huge range of shoes including sports shoes, casual shoes, formal shoes, sports shoes, and black walking shoes for men similarly a collection of Casual Shoes, Footwear, Heels, and Sandals Slippers Top/Tunic shoes for women. These shoes have become very popular among the youth of India. The company was founded in 1996 and got high popularity not only in the country but also become a multinational brand with outlets in the US, UK, France, Germany, West Asia, and South Africa.


Founder- Fila brothers

Founded- 1911, Italy

Headquaters- Seoul, South Korea

Parent organization- FILA Holdings

Fila in India is the best shoe brand based in Italy, Fila started its journey in Biella in 191. It is well-known and well demanding for sports shoe brands in India. It gets great reviews and is one of the very well-known shoe companies. Fila has been producing footwear for 100 years, and with time they have largely improved the quality of their product. Fila shoes have a luxurious appearance.


Top Shoes Brands in India

Founder           Arvind Pandey

Year founded    1974

Headquarters Gujrat, India

Arrow is one of the top highest demanding men’s shoe brands in India. A company from India makes and sells formal and casual shoes in India under authorization from America’s top brand, Arrow. They offer very exclusive shoes for men including formal men’s collection and all varieties of loafers.


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