Top Wedding Photographers in Faisalabad 2020-21

Wedding ceremony images become more essential because it captures your special day for rest of your life. It’s going to catch your recollections; it’s going to inform a story, and now not just any story, it’ll tell a lovely tale of your special day, a day you’ll by no means forget. A story that you can display friends and family, your youngsters, and grandchildren, something you’ll have and may treasure forever. 

Top Wedding Photographers in Faisalabad

For this, you have to find a good photographer. That will make your event memorable. This article will help you finding the top 5 photographers present in Faisalabad. Who is also an expert in their work and is famous all over Pakistan because of their work. 

RAO’s Studio

RAO Studio FSD

RAO is a very fantastic photographer in Faisalabad. His work shows his talent and love for his passion. He is an inspirational modernizer who makes people’s special day a bit more special. They offer expert teams covering all kinds of events with the latest expensive cameras which provide extraordinary results. They provide fantastic work with very affordable packages.


  • Special hijabis bridal shoots
  • Traditional Wedding shoots
  •  Pre-wedding shoots
  • Indoor & outdoor shoots

Expert Studio

Expert Studio Faisalabad

Contact: 0321 6684221

The best photography in Faisalabad. They are very professional and talented. The expert studio has unique expertise to cover all kinds of events. They are very punctual and workaholic. Team members are very experienced and well qualified. Expert Studio work is their identity; they are very famous all over Pakistan because of their work. People on social media have liked the expert studio’s work; there are excellent comments in their reviews.

Expert Studio offers

  • Wedding Photography
  • Portrait photos
  • Baby photos
  • Modelling portfolio
  • Video graphs production/film making

The Azu Saeed’s Studio by Mubasher & Azeem

Azu Saeed Photography

Contact: 0332 6930911

They focus on shooting all components of your wedding, from the bride and groom’s dress, make-up and add-ons, to the decor of your feature and your own family’s info. Each second that goes through takes away with itself a precious moment of lifestyles, a memory that is cherished in a position, a tear that is valuable, amusing that is unforgettable. Azu Saeed’s photography by Mubashar Azeem, seize the special moment from your lifestyles’ special events. They offer shooting fantastic photographs with creative contact for weddings, commencement events, and other special life activities.

  • wedding photo-shoot
  • Event photo-shoot
  • Video Capturing

Aftab Alam photography 

Aftab Alam Photography

Aftab Alam providing photography services with his team in Faisalabad. His team members behaved very well and friendly. His work style is very different and unique. He is very famous on social media because of his ultra-modern photography. They offer all types of photography with the latest instrumentation.

They provide

  • Wedding shoot
  • Pre-wedding shoots
  • Video capturing 
  • Baby shower shoots
  • High definition DSLR’s and the latest gadgets to make it feel like you are attending an event in Real after years.

Nomi Studio

Nomi Studio

Contact: 0321 8449045

Nomi provides Innovative and professional images based totally in Faisalabad. He specializes in all kinds of professional photography services, including style, fashion, and beauty portfolios wedding and event pictures. He is equipped with the latest cameras and machinery to provide high-quality finishing to the pictures. He is providing his services in Faisalabad for the last ten years.


Here discussed above are the most popular name in Photography. They provide high-quality pictures of your special events. Moreover, they also offer different packages which you can discuss.


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