Top Wedding Photographers in Lahore 2020-21

          As lockdown has eased in Pakistan marriage ceremonies, it has gained attraction in the festive landscape.

Just as catering and décor serve as foundations of festivities, cannot be overlooked. If you are ready for your special events you must need an excellent photoshoot to make the memories permanent.

Wedding Photographers in Lahore

This article explores the top 5 photographers in Lahore, highlighting their skills and showcasing their work

Anees John Studio

Aness John Studio

Anees studio is one of the best studios for any event. They will give you incredible services. They are providing wedding filmography, candid photography, album, & drones. They are professional and doing this work for more than 4years. They are providing their service in all over Pakistan not only in Lahore.

You will have no regret if you choose Anees john studio for your event.

The wedding Stories

The Wedding Stories

If we are talking about 5 amazing photographers in Lahore, then we can’t forget The Wedding Stories. It is included in a high-class studio of Lahore or not only in Lahore it is famous for its work in all Pakistan. Their fearless experimental approach and creativity are evident in any picture they create. They are more professional and providing incredible services. Like, are as follow:-

  • Videography
  • Wedding shoots
  • Model shoot
  • Filmography
  • traditional photography
  • portrait, etc

They also have a very classy studio and expert photographers.

Nadeem Khawar photography

Nadeem Khawar
Contact: 03214160319

Nadeem Khawar is one of the incredible photographers in Pakistan. Still, he is working from Lahore. His work is the best sample of perfection. He becomes the top choice for the general public and celebrities at their special events.

  • He provides wedding and pre-wedding shoots for every type of events according to your choice
  • Sessions for all your events are the perfections of brilliance.
  • He has a 6years experience and has a fantastic team.
  • They use photo enhancing software
  • Nadeem Khawar is able to cultivate a keen eye and a sharp visual mind.

Infocus by Zain

Infocus By Zain

Contact: 0321 1111828

Zain ul Abidin is a famed photographer from Lahore whose dexterity and skill finds no parable. Zain’s work speaks of his love for the city of Lahore where he has grown up and started his profession. Zain’s portfolio is worthy of appreciation.his composition, angles, and lighting are always on point, telling a wondrous story and inviting viewers to embrace the joyful wedding experience. No wonder he is so best.

  • He covers not only the Lahore metropolitan region but also offers services in the
  • Adjacent cities at a reasonable price with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • His experience expands over 4years, and his portfolio includes everything
  • From traditional photoshoots to drone coverage.

MDH Creations

MDH Creations


🇵🇰 +92 (333) – 4278 – 631
🇦🇪 +971 (5663) – 840 – 01

MDH creations lead by Mohammad Tayyab Akram is another notable name in Lahore’s photography landscape. MDH no doubt needs no introduction as he is a well-known team in the fashion industry. Their editorial and campaign for all of the top designers are proof of his credentials. Their work is soft and romantic which attracts everyone. they provide their excellent services in Lahore, Islamabad, and in UAE.

  • They not only provide unparalleled shoots but also make excellent video coverage.
  • MDH creations made your day memorable their wedding albums consist of a collection of unforgettable and beautiful images representing what our culture and style are.
  • Their work often explores and gets high likes on social media forums.
  • They use various photography techniques and Lighting equipment in their projects.


Here discussed above are the top famous photographers providing their services in Lahore. You can get the exciting offers which they provide. Please share your opinion in the comment section about this article.

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