Trends of Wedding in Pakistan 2022

No love between two souls is greater than what is between spouses.– Tafsir ibn Kathir 3/525

Marriage is much important in Islam and Pakistan is an Islamic country so people obligate. Marriage is the word that comes to the mind of every guy as a wish. Boys want to become a groom as early as possible mostly in Pakistan boys get married at the age of 28 to 30 years. Pakistani girls seem to be very shy about the word Marriage as they belong to eastern families. They must have a great wish to become beautiful brides and celebrate their special day. As Pakistan is an Islamic country and Marriage is a must for all Muslims in Islam Religion. Wedding trends in Pakistan have changed day by day.

Marriage in Pakistan has some traditions which we learned from our ancestors and still follow. Before some years wedding events celebrate for 3 days with basic functions of Mehndi, Barat, and Valima. Girls wear the latest party wear dresses for all functions according to the latest fashion trends. Now with time, our new generation added some extra events to Wedding functions which we discuss here. For these events, preparations start before months and both families from the Bride and groom sides look excited. By enjoying a lot of events they want to make this time memorable for many years. Here is the complete wedding trend of Pakistan we are sharing with you.

Bridal Shower trend before the wedding

A bridal shower is an event celebrated from the side of the bridal in which bridals friends come to celebrate their friend who is going to become a Bride to be. She wears up a mostly long frock or maxi of light color and wears up a special Bridal Shower slash and wears a Crown on the head. At this function only friends come and enjoy and make a special photo shoot with the upcoming Bridal. Friends play different games with their Brides and surround her throughout the function to feel her special.

Trend of Mayon Function

Mayon Function is mostly used to celebrate from the Bridal side. On the Bridal side, this function is celebrated 7 days before Rukhsti day. During these days from Mayon to mehndi Bridal is mostly staying at home. In this function, the Bridal used to wear all to all yellow dress which she has to wear until the mehndi function. This trend is now less as bridal can’t stay at home as she also has to go to the salon for grooming.

Mosiqi Night Function

Mosiqi Night is just the latest trend mostly used to celebrate by royal families. Many singers were invited to entertain relatives and family members. Both the bridal family and groom’s family celebrate this function together. Singers sing songs according to the guests’ choice and they all have a great dinner at this night with whole enjoyment.

Dholak Night

Dholak is the function that celebrates for more than three days before marriage. It is also Pakistani tradition and every family celebrates this and sometimes goes through 15ndays before Barat day. Traditional songs are sung by bridal cousins and groom cousins some time together or some time separately at the bride’s home and groom’s home. The Grooms family is more excited than the bride’s family because they welcome a new person into their family so they celebrate more.


According to the latest trend, Nikkah is mostly organized one or two days before the mehndi function. This trend is very common nowadays and mostly done in Mosques where only a few relatives and the Bridegroom go to the mosque for Nikkah. Brides and groom mostly used to wear white and off-white dresses which looks beautiful. A few years ago Nikkah was mostly done on Barat before Rukhsati but now it is done before Barat function. Somehow it is good as on Barat day many other traditions have to follow on that day so it is the ease of time management.

Mehndi Function

Mehndi is one of the basic functions of the wedding functions queue. It mostly celebrates the night before Barat. The bride and groom sometimes organize a combined function or some celebrate separately. The bride enters the function hall with a beautiful dress of different combinations and after that groom’s family girls come with mehndi plates. All relatives come to the stage to wish the bridal and put some sweets in the bride’s mouth. This function extends throughout the night girls and boys show their dance performances to music.


Barat is the grand function when the groom comes with a group of people and family members to take her bride with him for a whole life. At the Barat function, most of the relatives are invited from the Brides side and they welcome the Barat. According to tradition When Barat comes sisters of the Bride set in front of the door to stop the Barat.  Groom have to pay some money so in return they will be able to enter in.

After a great meal from the Brides, side Bride comes to the hall with her parents or brothers. Every girl on this day when she is a bride looks very beautiful in a red dress and everyone in the hall just wants to look at her. The next tradition is Dood Pillai when the sisters of the bride take some milk in a beautifully decorated glass.  The groom in return gives some money or a gift to the bride’s sisters.

After some family pictures and photo-shoot, the time comes for Rukhsti when the brides have to leave her home permanently and start a new life with her life partner.

Valima Reception

Vilma’s function is the grand function from the groom’s side. This function is organized mostly the next day after Barat. Valima is a must in Islam it is the obligation of Islam to collect family and relatives for a meal after Nikkah.  All friends and family members are invited for a great meal at this function. Brides mostly use to wear maxi of light colors and the groom dress up in 2 piece dress on Valima day. A couple of first time appeared in front of all and everyone looks happy to see them. One tradition of this function is the younger brother of the groom catches her Brother’s wife (Bride) knee and demands money and she happily gives him some money.

It is the end of all wedding functions and the start of a Beautiful life for a married couple.

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